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Robert Downey Jr. and Jimmy Fallon Cold Read Cue Cards for Prescriptions Parody Ad

One of the biggest challenges for anyone is trying to cold read something without screwing it up, or breaking character … just as Bill Hader, who struggled every time Stefon appeared on “Saturday Night Live.” Well, Jimmy Fallon brought that challenge to Robert Downey Jr. on “The Tonight Show” Wednesday night with a parody ad […]

Rachel Brosnahan Stars in ‘Blockbuster’ Crossover Parody Marvel’s Mrs. Maisel

Somehow, James Corden convinced Rachel Brosnahan to expand the vision of “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” into a whole new arena, and it’s one built on billion-dollar blockbusters. “At first I was skeptical, then he explained the similarities.Mrs. Maisel has with superheroes,” Brosnahan said in the latest “Late Late Show” sketch. That’s right, it was time […]

Jonas Brothers Lip Sync Kardashian Fight in Parody Video

The internet is a wonderful invention for many reasons, from its boundless information to its ability to connect the world. But it just reached peak achievement for the 2020s (already!) with an ingenious video by the Jonas Brothers, and we fear it may never be topped. The reunited boy band is comprised of the most […]

Logan Paul Sued by Flobots for His ‘No Handlebars’ Parody

Logan Paul Sued by Flobots for ‘No Handlebars’ … Ya Know Us Now, Logan?!? 5/16/2019 3:00 PM PDT EXCLUSIVE Logan Paul‘s musical feud with the hip-hop band FlobotsΒ is now coming to a courtroom — the band’s had enough of Logan’s sense of humor, so it’s suing his ass. The Flobots and Logan have been going […]