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Omarion’s Baby Mama Dumps Lil Fizz & Got Him Fired From Love & Hiphop!!

Omarion’s baby’s mother Apryl Jones appeared to have found true love with former B2K member Lil Fizz. But that’s over with now – and so is Lil Fizz’s time on Love & Hip Hop. MTO News has confirmed that Apryl and Lil Fizz have not only split, but Lil Fizz is now out of a […]

Omarion’s Love & Hiphop Baby Mama Apryl Gets a New Job – An OG/GYN!!


Apryl Jones is best known for being Omarion’s babys mother, and a reality star on the VH1 hit show Love & Hip Hop Hollywood. Well MTO News just learned that Apryl has a new job, and a new business. Apryl is opening up her own OB/GYN ultrasound clinic. We know what you’re thinking – how […]

Love & Hiphop Apryl Accuses J Boog Of Having Sex w/ Omarion’s MAMA!!

Love & Hip Hop Hollywood’s reunion show was on last night – and it was explosive. But the most explosive moment came when Apryl Jones – Omarion’s babys mother – accused B2K member J Boog, of sleeping with Omarion’s mother. Apryl made the accusation against J Boog, after the B2K member questioned her relationship with […]

B2K’s J Boog: I Want To Fight Fizz For F*cking Omarion’s Girl!!


B2K wrapped their well received world wide reunion tour this past Spring. And now, just a few months later, the group has officially broken up – again.  Band member, J Boog, is unhappy about the turn of events and is now threatening to fight fellow bandmate Lil Fizz – for messing up his bag! Fizz, […]

Other B2K Member J Boog Accused Of ‘F*cking’ Omarion’s Mother!!

The drama surrounding 2000s boy band B2K just keeps getting more and more scandalous. A few months ago, MTO News first reported that band member Lil Fizz has been sleeping with lead singer Omarion’s babys mother Apryl Jones. Eventually the pair confirmed their relationship on Love & Hip Hop. Now there are accusations that the […]