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Offset Seen Buying MASSIVE Amounts Of Weed – Stockpiling During Quarantine


Rapper Offset was spotted out in Los Angeles yesterday by the paparazzi. And Cardi’s husband, who is also a member of the popular group The Migos, was seen outside a marijuana dispensary, Cookies Melrose.Β  And he appeared to be stocking up on his marijuana for the quarantine. The rapper purchased a large quantity of product […]

Offset Denies Cheating After Hiding His Phone!!

Migos rapper Offset has denied that he is cheating on his wife, Cardi B once again — after she walked in on him and he quickly hid his phone. This time, Offset addressed the cameras directly to shut down the rumors. “I know y’all making something out of nothing out of that stream when I […]

Offset Caught Cheating – Hides Phone When Cardi Enters Room!! (VIDEO)


Cardi B’s husband Offset is being accused of cheating on her again, MTO News has learned. [see video above] While there’s no hard evidence of Offset actually stepping out on Cardi, he is acting very suspicious. Yesterday, Offset was Livestreaming himself playing video games. And while he was playing the game – Cardi came into […]

Video Appears to Show Offset Beaten & Stripped By Lil Baby’s Crew!!!

Last week there were rumors surrounding Migos member Offset getting “jumped” by rapper Lil Baby and his crew. Now there’s video evidence showing it all go down! MTO News spoke with folks in the know in Atlanta, and they claim that Offset DID have an altercation with members of Lil Baby’s crew – 4PF. But […]

Lil Baby’s Crew Allegedly Jumped Offset From Migos & ‘Robbed’ Him!!


There’s some EXPLOSIVE new beef in hip hop – and it appears to have already led to a violent altercation between two of hip hop’s biggest stars – Offset and Lil Baby.Β  MTO News is hearing a growing chorus of rumors, all saying that Offset of the Migos has beef with rap sensation Lil Baby. […]

Cardi B’s Husband Offset Caught Hugging A Group Of White Girls!!


Cardi B’s husband Offset was caught by paparazzi talking with a group of pretty women – and Offset was being very friendly to the ladies. Offset and a group of his homies pulled up on the ladies in their car – a 2020 Mercedes G-Wagon. Offset and his crew hopped out and started talking with […]

Deontay Wilder Says Offset Was Right to Punch Cardi B Champagne Sprayer

He knows a thing or two about punching people. And Deontay Wilder says Offset‘s fist-swinging reaction to Cardi B getting doused in champagne was absolutely justified. The rapper was captured on film lashing out at the Booby Trap on the River strip club in Miami on Saturday, after his wife got sprayed by an over-zealous […]

Quavo, Takeoff Say It Was Fine for Offset to Punch Champagne Thrower

Play video content Exclusive TMZ.com Offset‘s rap partners are defending their buddy after he let the fists fly when someone sprayed champagne on his wife — and their rationale is basically … WWYD? That’s pretty much what Takeoff and Quavo told us Saturday in Miami, where all the rappers are hanging out in the days […]

Cardi ‘Assaulted’ By Champagne At Strip Club – Offset FIGHTS Man!! (Video)

Cardi B’s husband Offset got into a fist fight last night, inside a Miami strip club – after Cardi B was allegedly “assaulted” by champagne. A partygoer allegedly sprayed the Bodak Yellow down with champagne – and Offset flew into a rage According to TMZ, Cardi B was caught in the crossfire of a champagne […]

Offset Throws Flying Punch at Strip Club After Cardi B Gets Sprayed

Play video content Exclusive TMZ.com Offset reacted to a guy spraying champagne — which might have splashed Cardi B — by delivering some cham-pain … in the form of a wild punch off the stage. The husband and wife rappers were partying after 3 AM at Booby Trap On the River strip club in Miami, […]