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Rep. Jackie Speier Demands Members of Congress Stop Sleeping in Offices

Exclusive More than 100 members of Congress are calling the Capitol their home … as in, they’re living and sleeping in their offices, and at least one member says they are risking the lives of other Members and staff in the middle of the pandemic, and is demanding they sleep elsewhere. Rep. Jackie Speier is […]

‘The Office’s Leslie David Baker Teases Stanley Spinoff ‘Uncle Stan’

StyleCaster Entertainment News Letter

The day that The Office‘s Stanley spinoff happens is going to be even better than pretzel day—and it’s possible it could be happening soon! Actor Leslie David Baker, who played the grumpy Dunder Mifflin salesman Stanley Hudson for all nine seasons of the beloved NBC mockumentary series, revealed a follow-up project of his own on […]

The Office’s Jim & Pam Were Supposed to Break Up in Season 9

StyleCaster Entertainment News Letter

Good thing John Krasinski was able to reel this in. Without his intervention, we could’ve seen The Office’s Jim and Pam breakup in Season 9. What kind of cruel, cruel world would it be if this really happened? And who on Earth thought a breakup between television’s most wholesome couple was a good idea? Well, […]

The Office’s Jenna Fischer Reveals What Was in the Teapot Note Jim Gave Pam

Almost 15 years later, Jenna Fischer has finally revealed what was in the teapot note Jim gave Pam on “The Office .” Well, kind of. On the latest episode of the “Office Ladies” podcast, which the actress co-hosts with her former co-star Angela Kinsey, Fischer spilled some tea about the special gift her character received […]