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Eddie Murphy Debuts New Character for Feeding America Comedy Festival

Play video content NBC Eddie Murphy has a brand new character to add to his comedic arsenal — a singer he rolled out for big laughs, and to raise money for charity. If you tuned in for the Feeding America Comedy Festival Sunday night, you saw Eddie’s debut as Murray Murray — a ’60s and […]

Ryan Murphy Rewrites Old 'Hollywood' In First Netflix Trailer

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Twitter Says Nicole Murphy ‘Aging Badly’ After New Pics Leak!!


Actress and reality star Nicole Murphy is going viral this morning after new pics show a very weathered Nicole heading out for lunch. Usually Nicole looks young in all her pictures, in both her face and body despite her chronological age, but something’s changed. First off she recently dyed her hair blonde and is starting […]

Watch Kelly Clarkson and Schitt’s Creek’s Annie Murphy Perform ‘A Little Bit Alexis’

“Vroom vroom bitches!” “Schitt’s Creek” star Annie Murphy has given fans what they’ve been waiting for: a live performance of her character’s song “A Little Bit Alexis.” To make the moment even more special, Murphy teamed up with Kelly Clarkson while appearing on her show Wednesday. And the two created an epic remix of the […]

Why Eddie Murphy Took a Break from Hollywood

The reason Eddie Murphy took a break from Hollywood is actually the very thing he doesn’t have in common with some of the greatest entertainers of his time — at least according to him. Speaking to Vanity Fair as part of the publication’s Hollywood issue, the 58-year-old stand-up comic-turned-Oscar-nominated actor revealed why he stepped away […]

Bria Murphy’s Pregnant – Nicole & Eddie Murphy Grandparents!!

Eddie Murphy and his ex-wife Nicole Murphy are about to be grandparents, according to folks on social media. That’s because their daughter Bria Murphy appears to be pregnant. The Murphy family sent out a Christmas Instagram post yesterday, and in the pic Bria appeared to be noticeably pregnant. Here’s the image: This is what Bria […]

Nicole Murphy Shades Bill Cosby: ‘Look Who’s In Jail & Look Who’s Not!!’

Nicole Murphy is here for none of the slander against her former husband and baby daddy, Eddie Murphy and not so politely shaded Bill Cosby for statements he made about her ex. Her words come after Bill Cosby’s spokesperson, Andrew Wyatt, released a statement calling the Nutty Professor actor a “Hollywood slave” after Murphy poked […]

Nicole Murphy Throws Shade at Bill Cosby Over Eddie Murphy Attack

Play video content Exclusive TMZ.com Nicole Murphy sure knows how to throw a punch, in a way that doesn’t really feel aggressive … but it is!!! We got Nicole Monday on Skid Row in downtown L.A., where she was spreading a little holiday cheer — handing out personal hygiene kits with 20 dollar gift cards […]

Saturday Night Live Season 45, Episode 10 Recap: Eddie Murphy Brings Back All the Classics

It’s been 35 years since Eddie Murphy hosted “Saturday Night Live,” and even longer since he was a part of the cast and effectively carried the show on his back for two seasons. Apparently he was under the impression he still needed to, which could be why there was an over-reliance on some of his […]

Eddie Murphy Says He Felt ‘Like an Idiot’ For Passing on One Film

Eddie Murphy dished on some of his “folklore” when he appeared on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” on Friday. The legendary comedic actor, 58, gave fans a treat when he revealed hilarious anecdotes about Prince, what happened with “Ghostbusters,” hanging with Marlon Brando, and the one movie he wished he hadn’t passed up. Murphy […]