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Sunscreen Mists That Make Reapplication so Much Easier

Beauty Sunscreen Mists That Make Reapplication so Much Easier How easy is easy? Spritz, spritz, pat it into the skin and you’re good to go – THAT easy. by Kames Narayanan | May 22, 2020 You’ve heard it umpteen times. Sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen. Even if you were to abandon everything other cream and serum in […]

The Best Antioxidant Face Mists to Buy on Amazon

Neutrogena Hydro Boost City Shield Replenishing Facial Mist

Face mists are one of the most refreshing skincare products out there, but the right formula can offer far more benefits for your skin than merely freshening up stale makeup or quenching your skin’s thirst throughout the day—all without disturbing your skincare lineup underneath. Antioxidant sprays have some of the same advantages for your skin […]

Facial Mists For Every Budget Because It’s Summer and You Need One

avene face mist 1 You Need at Least One of These Cooling Facial Mists to Beat the Heat

If you’re a skeptic who refuses to spend money on a facial mist that “probably doesn’t do anything,” you need to read up. Not only do they actually work to energize, reawaken and tone your skin, but they’re a godsend when you’re stuck on a stalled subway in unbearable heat. You don’t want to be […]