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Actor Mickey Rourke: ‘I’ll Give President Trump A Left Hook From Hell!!’

Actor Mickey Rourke ripped into President Donald Trump once again, promising to give him a “left hook from hell.” Rourke recalled a time back in the ’90s when Trump sued him and rapper Tupac after they allegedly trashed one of Trump’s hotel rooms. Trump’s lawsuit was for $28,000 in damages – but only $7,000 worth […]

Mickey Rourke Vows to Thump Trump with a ‘Left Hook From Hell’

Mickey Rourke has promised to lay the President out with a left hook … once he’s out of office. Employing some very colorful language, the actor and former boxer, said he was looking forward to the day he bumped into Donald Trump so he could give him a piece of his mind, as well as […]

Mickey Mantle 1957 Yankees Contract Hits Auction Block, He Only Made $60K!

Mickey Mantle 1957 Yankees Contract Hits Auction Block … He Only Made $60K!!! 6/7/2019 3:50 PM PDT Breaking News The New York Yankees contract that paid Mickey Mantle a shockingly low amount of money back in 1957 can be all yours … if you’ve got a big pile of cash to buy it!!! TMZ Sports […]