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Snoop Dogg: Master P Talked Me Out Of ‘F*ck Death Row’ Album!!

Snoop Dogg revealed that he was once gearing up to release an album titled, F*ck Death Row — before Master P talked him out of it. Snoop says during a studio session, Master P asked him about his rates for work. He told Master P $1,500. “I come back the next day, Master P wrote […]

Master P: Nick Cannon Shouldn’t Have Apologized!!

Master P has spoken out in defense of Nick Cannon and says that the radio host should not have apologized for recent remarks about Hebrews. “The only thing I hate is that Nick Cannon apologized,” Master P told TMZ. “He shouldn’t have did that. You know why I say that? Whatever is gon’ happen is […]

Master P Says Nick Cannon Shouldn’t Have to Apologize for Anti-Semitic Remarks

Play video content Exclusive TMZ.com Master P has a simple, but controversial, solution to Nick Cannon‘s problems … and firmly believes he should not have apologized for his anti-Semitism. The No Limit mogul was in Bev Hills when we asked him about the fallout from Nick espousing the anti-Semitic remarks made by Professor Griff and […]

‘Ink Master’ Star Daniel Silva Cops Plea Deal in Corey La Barrie’s Death Case

Exclusive “Ink Master” star Daniel Silva has just copped a plea deal in his criminal case involving the death of his friend … YouTube star Corey La Barrie. Daniel pled no contest to vehicular manslaughter with gross negligence. The L.A. County D.A.’s Office tells us, as part of the plea deal, prosecutors agreed to drop […]

Texas Realtors Will Stop Using ‘Master’ to Describe Bedrooms, Bathrooms

The term “master” is officially canceled when it comes to describing bedrooms and bathrooms … at least when you’re searching for a home in Houston. The Houston Association of Realtors is no longer using the word “master” to hype bedrooms and bathrooms on its Multiple Listing Service … instead, the realtors are going with the […]

‘Ink Master’ Star Daniel Silva Devastated by Corey La Barrie’s Death

Exclusive “Ink Master” star Daniel Silva is reeling from the fatal car crash that killed his friend, YouTube star Corey La Barrie … according to his attorney, who’s confident Daniel will beat a murder charge. Sources close to Daniel tell TMZ … Silva had been working hard all day leading up to the deadly crash, […]

‘Ink Master’ Star Daniel Silva Charged with Murder for Corey La Barrie’s Death

Exclusive “Ink Master” star Daniel Silva is officially facing a murder charge for the fatal car crash that killed his friend, YouTube star Corey La Barrie … TMZ has learned. According to new legal docs … the L.A. County D.A.’s Office says Silva “did unlawfully, and with malice aforethought” murder La Barrie. He’s been hit […]

Master P, Romeo Argue on Video with ‘Growing Up’ Producers, Led to Quitting

Play video content Exclusive TMZ.com Master P and Romeo were done with the fake s**t … and they desperately tried conveying that to “Growing Up Hip Hop” producers during a heated argument caught on camera. TMZ’s obtained video of Master P going at with producers during a ‘GUHH’ shoot in NYC back in early March. […]

Summer Hair Trends 2020: 3 Messy Looks to Master According to J-Lo’s Stylist

Tangle Teezer The Ultimate Vented Hairbrush

*Whispers* Is it over yet? That’s how I feel right now. Collectively, we’re nowhere near resuming the normal routines we depended on pre-social distancing. But depending on the city or town you call home, it may not be completely outrageous to ponder summer hair trends for this year. Honestly, even if you’re still under stay-at-home […]