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Florida Sheriff Bans Masks – Marion County

Marion County Sheriff Billy Woods forbade staff — and visitors — from wearing them. A Sheriff in Florida has ordered all staff not to wear masks. Marion County Sheriff Billy Woods told employees in an email that face coverings while on duty were now banned — and the same goes for any member of the […]

Woman From ‘Freedom to Breathe Agency’ Threatens Employee Over Masks

Play video content @wittlelizzy/Tik Tok This is disgusting … a woman claiming to be a member of the “Freedom to Breathe Agency” tried to bully and threaten a store employee who apparently dared to tell her to wear a mask. The woman tells the worker she can be personally sued for trying to enforce the […]

I Styled Black-Owned Outfits & Masks: How To Look Cute & Stay Safe

STYLECASTER | Styling Owned Brands

We’ve all seen the infographics circulating online: Stay Hydrated, Be Anti-Racist, Wear A Mask, so on and so forth. Even with the information overload happening on the interweb, how to actively practice these things on a daily basis can get lost in the shuffle. For a while now, I’ve been racking my brain on the […]

Georgia School Kids Pack Hallway Without Masks on First Day Back

Breaking News A Georgia school’s reopening may very well be exhibit A on the lack of COVID-19 safety precautions in place for students … just look at this hallway, which looks like a superspreader’s dream. The photo shows the first day back for kids in Paulding County, where — with the support of the Georgia […]

Sexy Face Masks & Covering For Virus Protection

Lace face masks amazon

Like it or not, it’s looking like face masks are decidedly here to say for the near foreseeable future, so we may as well get to have a little bit of fun playing around with this newfound—and totally necessary—accessory. From printed to transparent styles for lipstick lovers, and even going-out masks for outdoor social-distancing drinks […]

Lake of the Ozarks Throws EDM Party with No Masks or Social Distancing

Play video content Breaking News @hybridtrapmusic / Instagram So, you’re confused on how ‘rona spreads … well, we’re here to help, take a look at his video from — you guessed it — Lake of the Ozarks. The EDM concert was packed to the gills with partiers stacked like sardines, and like sardines, almost no […]

Europeans Flock to Beaches Without Masks as Vacation Season Begins

It’s that time of year again across the pond, where Europeans pack their bags and head to the tropical parts of their countries — and judging by these photos, there’s trouble ahead. It’s a tradition … August is the month there’s an exodus in most European cities with residents flocking to beaches across the continent […]

The Best Foaming Masks That You Can Buy on Amazon

Elizavecca Milky Piggy Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask

If your wallet can’t afford a fancy facial or a trip to a spa, treat yourself to a foaming mask instead. You’ve definitely seen these pop up in your friends’ and fave beauty influencers’ stories. The bubble mask became a social media fad as people watched the mask go from flat to carbonated in seconds. […]

Zodiac Sign Face Masks: Let The Stars Choose Your Next New Mask

Scroll To See More Images We didn’t necessarily expect it, but face masks have become the accessory of the season. By now, you’ve likely stocked up on a few for socially-distanced picnics, running to the grocery store and outdoor street style photoshoots (Do it for the ‘Gram, am I right?)—but if you’re anything like me, […]

Funny Face Masks That Guarantee A Laugh While Running Errands

Scroll To See More Images Though this year has definitely not turned out the way many of us thought it would, we’ve persevered. And while the thought of wearing a mask any time we left the house was a baffling thought a mere few months ago, it’s now become the norm—so we might as well […]