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Emma Roberts Loops K-Beauty Mask Looks So Cute With Cropped Jeans

emma roberts loops mask

I don’t know about you but when I do a face mask at home, I’m usually wearing a hoodie, leggings and slippers. Or maybe a robe. But when Emma Roberts tries a Loop mask, she looks chic as hell doing it. The actress posted a photo to her Instagram Stories late last month wearing a […]

Coronavirus Nurse Quits After Hospital Refused To Give Protective Mask!!

A nurse on the front lines of the Coronavirus battle in Chicago was forced to quit her job yesterday, MTO News has learned. The nurse, who goes by the handle Nurse.iv on Instagram, posted a teary eyed message to her family and friends yesterday on the social media platform. According to her, the hospital where […]

Best DIY Hair Mask Recipes to Whip Up at Home

models wet hair

Understandably so, daily routines change when world events put normal life on pause. For example, I can’t remember the last day I used retinol and it’s been a long minute since I slathered on my favorite curling cream. Though I’m certainly not faulting myself because life is just like that sometimes, my hair is definitely […]

Best Natural Hair Mask Products That Will Go to Work While You Work

OGX Pracaxi Oil Recovery Mask

At this point, anything that will keep my hands busy is a literal dream come true. Working from home and having little to no time outside has tested every bit of my patience and forced me to contemplate new routines, like sitting on the window sill and counting the cars that pass by. With what […]

Lizzo Responds To Critics Dragging Her For Wearing Face Mask

Pop singer Lizzo has responded to critics who dragged her for wearing a face mask amid the coronavirus outbreak. The issue of the shortage of medical supplies, including face masks, has been a hot topic in the mainstream news over the past week — but Lizzo wants y’all to fall back and let her do […]

Drew Barrymore Aveeno Repairing Cica Hand Mask Is Saving Her Dry Skin

aveeno repairing cica hand mask

Stars are apparently, actually, just like us. Many of us are at home self-distancing now thanks to Coronavirus concerns (stay home if you’re able!), which means working from home and probably a lot of cleaning, too. That can leave your hands as dry as the desert. Drew Barrymore’s Aveeno Repairing Cica Hand Mask just might […]

Naked Cowboy Busks on Empty Streets with Face Mask

Mega New York City’s famous half-naked cowboy just got himself some new coverage that is very timely — although his decision to hit the streets really isn’t. The Times Square street performer — who’s well known in the Big Apple and a regular staple for tourists — was seen out Tuesday wearing a face mask […]

Demi Lovato Shopping With Mask to Prevent Coronavirus

Backgrid Demi Lovato is covering her bases during the coronavirus outbreak … by covering up. The singer was out grocery shopping Sunday at the ritzy Erewhon Market in L.A. She sorta went incognito thanks to a fancy air mask. She’s taking no chances with her hands … as you can see, she’s also wearing blue […]

Howie Mandel Arrives to ‘AGT’ Wearing Hazmat Suit, Gas Mask

Mega Howie Mandel is taking coronavirus panic to the next level, or maybe we’re all just not up to his level — either way, he’s prepared for a day on the job. At ‘AGT’ or Chernobyl!!! The famous germophobe clearly isn’t taking any chances with the deadly virus, and pulled up Tuesday to set rocking […]

Rep. Matt Gaetz Defends Wearing Gas Mask for Coronavirus Vote

Play video content Exclusive TMZ.com Rep. Matt Gaetz is taking a better safe than sorry approach to coronavirus — even when he’s just voting on it — ’cause he’s got himself a gas mask on that could fight off the plague. The FL Congressman was strolling in D.C. Wednesday shortly after meeting up with his […]