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Man With Coronavirus Spits In Passenger’s Face Before Dropping Dead

Play video content Viral Press A man infected with COVID-19 spit in another man’s face as they waited to board a train in Thailand … and the coronavirus-stricken man soon dropped dead thereafter. Surveillance video shows the disturbing interaction on a train platform in Bangkok … the patient walking up to another man in line […]

Missouri Man Charged with Terrorist Threat After Scrawling ‘COVID’ on Store Cooler

A Missouri man was arrested after he intentionally coughed on shoppers inside a Dollar Tree store and wrote ‘COVID’ on the cooler door, according to authorities. John Swaller, 33, was charged with making a terrorist threat in the second-degree in Crawford County on Tuesday after an employee called police to report someone “purposely coughing toward […]

Ben Simmons Sister: NBA Coach Is ‘Downlow’ – ‘He Cheated On Me w/ Man’

Screen Shot 2020-03-31 at 10.08.06 AM

NBA star Ben Simmons’ sister is making some explosive claims, against her ex-boyfriend – and an assistant coach on the NBAs New Orleans Pelicans, MTO News has learned. While she didn’t name names – it appears that Ben’s sister is making the accusations against coach Jamelle McMillan. The NBA star’s sister is alleging that the […]

New Jersey Man Shot In Head While On Facebook Live!!

A New Jersey man was shot in the head, while posting a video with friends on Facebook Live. The brutal shooting was captured on video, and Livestreamed on the social media platform. Here is the video – warning contains graphic images The video shows the victim, who is a man known as “Monty”, hit once […]

Quarantined Man Gets Toilet Paper Delivered Via Drone in San Fran

The coronavirus quarantines have people stocking up on supplies and causing shortages in necessities like nobody’s business. And the idea of running out of toilet paper had one San Francisco man coming up with a creative way to make sure he was prepared for the long haul during the shelter-in-place mandate scheduled until April 7. […]

FBI Arrests Man for Selling Phony Coronavirus Cure, Claiming Magic Johnson on Board

Breaking News FBI agents say they nailed a coronavirus snake oil salesman — a SoCal man who allegedly claimed he had a cure, and used Magic Johnson‘s name to try to snare investors. Ya, just knew this was bound to happen … the FBI arrested Keith Lawrence Middlebrook Wednesday evening in an undercover sting. The […]

Man Drops Dead On NYC Subway – Suspected Coronavirus!! (Graphic Video)

A man is believed to have died yesterday on a New York City subway – and onlookers suspect that the man may have died from the coronavirus, MTO News has learned The shocking incident was captured on video. HERE IS THE VIDEO SHOWING POLICE ATTENDING TO THE MAN – Warning Graphic According to social media […]

Man Dies After Taking chloroquine phosphate Fish Tank Cleaner he Thought Was Treatment Touted by Trump

An Arizona man has died and his wife is in serious condition after consuming fish tank cleaner in an effort to protect themselves from coronavirus. The couple, who are in their sixties, ingested chloroquine phosphate after hearing Donald Trump tout the benefits of the medical form of chloroquine, which is used to treat malaria. Although […]

Chicago Man Hit By Subway & Miraculously Β Survives!! (Graphic Video)

A Chicago man is alive after being struck by a speeding subway car, MTO News has learned. And many are calling it a miracle. HERE IS THE VIDEO OF THE MAN AFTER BEING HIT – WARNING GRAPHIC The man was struck as he waited on the platform at the 79th Street Red Line station on […]

LHHATL’s Tommie Lee Rips Into Homeless Man For Begging Another Homeless Woman

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta alum Tommie Lee filmed herself on camera, ripping into a homeless man for putting his hand out to beg a fellow, homeless person. “Uh, uh! Don’t give him nothing! You need to be out on your feet, you need to go get it. She shouldn’t be giving you anything! Get […]