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LA County Officials Finally Agree To Investigate Park Lynching Of Robert Fuller

Los Angeles County officials have agreed to investigate the lynching of Black man, Robert Fuller — who was found hanging from a tree in California. Fuller, 24, was found hanging from a tree in a park near Palmdale city hall in the early hours of 10 June. The county medical examiner labeled the preliminary cause […]

McDonald’s Apologizes For Lynching Halloween Decorations

A McDonald’s in Massachusetts has apologized for displaying Halloween decorations depicting a lynching. The offensive decor, which featured a black silhouette hanging from a tree branch, was spotted by North Andover resident Erik Pocock who posted a video online. “It looked like a typical Halloween decoration. It said ‘Happy Halloween.’ It had some spiderwebs and […]

Piers Morgan Calls Trump’s ‘Lynching’ Tweet a Fake Scandal, Slams Biden

Play video content Exclusive TMZ.com Piers Morgan says President Trump‘s use of “lynching” is lazy and ignorant, but Joe Biden‘s guilty of it too … so all the outrage is a bunch of rubbish. We got the British TV host leaving Staples Center Tuesday night and asked about Trump’s “lynching” tweet to describe his potential […]

AOC Rips Trump’s ‘Lynching’ Tweet, Says He’s Deliberately Baiting Us

Play video content Exclusive TMZ.com Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez says President Trump is intentionally stirring up racial outrage in America by comparing his potential impeachment to a “lynching” … and she believes it’s all part of his master plan. We got AOC on Capitol Hill Tuesday morning, and she ripped into the President for the tweet […]