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Kelly Rowland: My Husband Is No Longer My Manager; And I Went Broke!


Kelly Rowland is speaking out openly about how she went “broke,” while being managed by her husband Tim Weatherspoon MTO News has learned. And Kelly claims that the two are no longer working together officially. Kelly announced in a recent podcast interview that she and Tim are now “just” husband and wife. Kelly explained that […]

5 Tips to make your clothes last longer

5 Tips to make your Clothes Last Longer | Girl With Curves

Thanks to Ivory for sponsoring this post. Iโ€™ve said it for years and Iโ€™ll keep saying it: you donโ€™t have to spend a ton of money on clothes to look and feel amazing! However, you DO have to spend some extra time giving those clothes some extra TLC if you want them to last. And […]

Love & Hiphop Star Teairra Mari Lost 50 Lbs – She’s No Longer A BBW! (Pics)


Love & Hip Hop star Teairra Mari had blown up in weight, to over 200 pounds. But MTO News has confirmed that the reality star has dieted, and now she looks better than ever. To give you an idea of where she was just a few years ago. Her are some pictures of the VH1 […]

Elmer Fudd, Yosemite Sam No Longer Use Guns in Rebooted ‘Looney Tunes’

Elmer Fudd is losing one of his signature items for the rebooted ‘Looney Tunes’ on HBO Max — the guy’s going gun-less moving forward … but has other lethal weapons at his disposal. The news was confirmed this weekend as people noticed the new animated series doesn’t feature any firearms — with one of the […]

Nicki Minaj Claims She’s ‘No Longer Gay’ . .. LGBT Groups Blast Her!!

Nicki Minaj was one of the most popular members of the LGBTq community. Five years ago, the female rapper “came out” as bisexual. Well a few days ago, Nicki announced that she’s no longer LGBTq, and is now completely “straight.” She made her announcement on The remix to Doja Cat โ€œSay Soโ€ Nicki says โ€œI […]

How To Make Botox Last Longer: 8 Doctors on Prolonging Botox & Filler

zinc supplement botox

Iโ€™m going to go out on a limb here and assume Iโ€™m not getting injectables any time soon. The taut skin that graces my forehead after Botox is beginning to feel like a distant memory. I find myself singing โ€œThe Way We Wereโ€ while wistfully examining my face. โ€œCan it be that it was all […]

Selena Gomez Says She’s Bipolar but No Longer Afraid of the Diagnosis

Play video content Selena Gomez says she has bipolar disorder, and she’s sharing a message about her diagnosis that might not reach the masses the way she hoped. Selena made the revelation Friday with Miley Cyrus, saying that after several trying years, “I realized that I was bipolar. And so, when I got to know […]

Utah Jazz ‘Cleared’ By Health Dept., No Longer At Risk Of Infecting Others

Breaking News Huge news out of Utah … where the state Dept. of Health says it has “cleared” Jazz players and staff to leave isolation after 2 players tested positive for coronavirus. Remember, Rudy Gobert and Donovan Mitchell were the first two NBA athletes to test positive for COVID-19 roughly 2 weeks ago, prompting the […]

Meghan Markle No Longer Referred to as ‘Royal’ on Charity Site, Sorta

Meghan Markle‘s pivot away from Royal life is in full swing — ’cause a charity she partners with has dropped any mention of the word when describing her … except on their homepage, where it probably matters most. The charity is called Smart Works — a non-profit org based out of the U.K. that provides […]

Skincare Products That Work Like Plexaderm But Deliver Longer Results

Scroll To See More Images Iโ€™m convinced that none of us can escape dark eye circles and under-eye bags. If it isnโ€™t genetics passed down from our parents and grandparents, itโ€™s a chaotic schedule that convinces us to trade in rest for more work. Before you know it, there isnโ€™t enough concealer in the world […]