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Insanely Long Lines Has Passengers Fuming At North Carolina Airport

It looks like business as usual at one airport in North Carolina … where passengers are PISSED, and it has nothing to do with no one social distancing. This is the scene right now at Charlotte Douglas International Airport in North Carolina on Memorial Day, where long lines have wrapped around the lobby just to […]

Ross Draws Long Lines Nationwide Amid Trickle Reopening Approach

Yes, Dress for Less — but also … dress comfortably for long wait times at Ross, ’cause that’s what hundreds of people are experiencing across the country as the company starts to reopen its doors. Check out all these crazy scenes from different Ross discount stores nationwide — from Louisiana to Indiana and probably lots […]

Fewer Car Accidents Amid Shutdown Means Long Wait for Organ Donations

One positive side effect of coronavirus restrictions — fewer car crashes — is creating a negative side effect … longer waits for organ donations. The data makes it clear … deaths from car accidents are the biggest single source of organs for transplant — 33% to be exact — according to the United Network For […]

How Long Were Dennis Rodman and Carmen Electra Married?

2/26/99 Beverly Hills, CA. New Laker Dennis Rodman celebrates his first winning game out on the town at GOODBAR with wife Carmen Electra.

Among the many revelations in the docuseries The Last Dance is an account of the bizarre time when oddball basketball player Dennis Rodman married Carmen Electra in 1998. Their marriage was incredibly short-lived, but it was all the more memorable for its strange circumstances and sudden dissolution. Electra and Rodman got married in Las Vegas […]

50 Cent Talks Feud With Son Marquise: I’ve Tried So Long With Him!!

During a recent interview, 50 Cent was asked about his relationship with his son, Marquise Jackson — who he has fired shots at repeatedly via social media. 50 says that he tried for a long time to maintain his relationship with Marquise: “I’ve already tried so long with him,” he tells the newspaper. “That sense […]

Best Long Wear Nail Polish That Wonโ€™t Make You Regret an At-Home Mani

butter london patent shine 10x lacquer

Second only to the amount of time it takes to browse the wall at your go-to nail salon, finding the best long-wear nail polish for an at-home mani is no easy feat. Most of us are currently shopping online, but even if youโ€™re at the local drugstore, it can take longer than usual to invest […]

How Long Does A UTI Last? Doctors Shamed Me After Months Of Symptoms


It was my third appearance at the Urgent Care Center in the last two weeks. By now, Iโ€™d become best friends with the nurse practitioner, and we laughed as we caught up, discussing my latest manicure and his Lady Gaga obsession. He took my blood pressure and listened as I rattled off four prescriptions that […]

The Long Lasting Matte Liquid Lipsticks on Amazon

Bulletproof Lipsticks That Wonโ€™t Let You Down This Valentineโ€™s Day

The pursuit to find a long-wearing liquid lipstick that doesnโ€™t require the high-maintenance hourly touch-ups or dry out your lips throughout the day isnโ€™t an easy fete. Sure, there are some long-lasting lipsticks (typically in the form of a matte liquid lippie) that promise to stay put all day, but while many of these liquid-to-matte […]

Lord Jamar On Eminem Saying He’s A Guest In Hip Hop: ‘This Could Have Been Ended A Long Time Ago’

Last month, Eminem admitted that he is a “guest” in Hip Hop, after years of clowning Brand Nubian member Lord Jamar for calling him the very same thing. Now Lord Jamar feels justified in his harsh critique of the Detroit rapper, but during a sitdown with D Vlad, says that their beef could have ended […]

How Long Have Thomas Doherty and Dove Cameron Been Dating?

NEW YORK, NEW YORK - FEBRUARY 13: Dove Cameron and Thomas Doherty attend the Hulu

Disney stars Dove Cameron and Thomas Doherty make such a sweet couple that it’s hard to imagine a time when they weren’t together. You might have even forgot Dove used to be engaged to someone else. Before she and Thomas connected on the set of Descendants 2 in late 2016, Dove was in a relationship […]