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Cardi B Goes Viral – Livestreams From The Toilet!! (Yuck)

Cardi B likes to invite her fans into her private moments. But yesterday, she may have gone too far. The female rap star went on Instagram Live while she was in the bathroom. And she actually did a “number 2” while on camera. Cardi was talking with her fans on Live, when all of a […]

Singer Kevin McCall Livestreams First Date – Disrespects Woman!!

R&B singer Kevin McCall went on Instagram Live last night, and live-streamed his first date with a woman, whom he met just hours earlier. From the video it appears that Kevin just met this woman. She asked him out on a dinner date, and took the singer to Houston’s – where she agreed to pay […]

Inmate Livestreams Eating Popeye’s Chicken Sandwich IN JAIL!!!

Have you eaten the famous Popeye’s Chicken sandwich yet? Well a man in jail has . . . and he Livestreamed it to his fans. A photo of a prisoner eating a Popeyes chicken sandwich from behind bars has gone viral on Facebook – it’s already been viewed by 5,000,000 people. The images, which you […]