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Booking Price List LEAKS – Find Out How Much Rappers Get PAID!!


The booking prices of more than 100 rappers and singers leaked online yesterday. And the list showed how much rappers – per their booking agents – are asking for a performance. Some of the numbers were staggeringly high. Others, were surprisingly low. For example, in the leaked booking list, Meg The Stallion requires $125,000 for […]

BBW Pop Singer Lizzo Leaks Nude Pics Online!!

Pop singer Lizzo had her breakout year in 2019, when her song Truth Hurts hit #1 on the Billboard charts. But Lizzo’s starting to cool off. She hasn’t had a follow up hit song, and many are wondering if she’s just another one hit wonder. So Lizzo’s doing whatever it takes to keep people talking […]

50 Cent Leaks ‘GAY’ Pic Of R&Bs Tank – Calls Him ‘Suga Tank’!!

R&B singer Tank and hip hop mogul Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson are close friends. But this morning, 50 Cent is dragging his homie for filth. And in his social media post, 50 gave the R&B singer a new nickname – he is calling him “Suga Tank” The two friends must have had a falling out […]

Kanye West Leaks DISS TRACK Against J Cole, Drake, & Drake’s Son!!

A new Kanye west track just leaked, and Kanye fires shots at rival rappers J Cole and Drake. The song, entitled Dreams was leaked from his forthcoming album Yahndi. In the track, Kanye takes aim at two of his biggest rivals in hip hop, Drake and J Cole. And the rapper also appears to be […]

MY 600 LB LIFE Schenee Murry Loses Weight – Leaks Twerk Video!!


My 600 Lb life star Schenee Murry recently lost more than 300 pounds – and to celebrate she leaked a twerking video on social media.Β  Schenee went viral last week, when rumors surfaced on social media – that the reality star had gained weight, and was approaching 800 pounds again. She also made news last […]

Terry Vaughn From Steve Harvey Show Turns 50 – Leaks Lingerie Pics!!

Actress Terry Vaughn just turned 50 years old – but she wants to let y’all know that she’s still as sexy as ever. The beautiful actress, who is best known for playing the role of Lovita Alize Jenkins Robinson on the 1990s Steve Harvey Show, released some lingerie pics – and she looked amazing. Terry […]

Eminem & Joyner Lucas’ Track ‘What If I Was Gay?’ Leaks Online!!

An unreleased snippet of a song titled “What If I Was Gay?” by Joyner Lucas and Eminem has leaked online. As the title suggests, the pair go back and forth and deliberate how the world would receive them if they were to come out as gay. “What if I told you that I’m out of […]

Moneice From Love & Hiphop Leaks Unedited Nude Pic!!

Love & Hip Hop star Moneice Slaughter decided to show off her natural beauty last night. The beautiful reality star leaked an unphotoshopped nude pic of herself – and she looked great. In fact, it was some of Moneice’s “imperfections” that made her even more beautiful. For example, Moneice appeared to have some hair on […]

Trent Reznor Suing Landlord Over Mold, Sewage Leaks, Flooding in His Home

Trent Reznor My Home’s A Moldy, Wet Mess … I’m Suing My Landlord!!! 6/7/2019 6:38 PM PDT EXCLUSIVE Trent ReznorΒ claims his landlords did a piss poor job building his home, which is now overrun with mold, sewage leaks and flooding … and now he’s suing the people who collect his rent.Β  According to a lawsuit […]

Meghan Markle & Prince Harry’s Baby Name Leaks | What is Baby Sussex’s Name?

the royal familye28094pagenotfound Meghan Markles Baby Name Mightve Leaked & It Looks Like Baby Sussex Is a Boy

The newest royal baby is likely days from gracing the earth. Fans of the royal family have been waiting on pins and needles for the moment the expecting Duke and Duchess of Sussex announce the birth of their first child. This Meghan Markle and Prince Harry baby name leak is the first clue into their […]