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Rams & Chargers Hang Monstrous Scoreboard At SoFi Stadium, 2.2 Million Lbs!

Play video content Breaking News Move over, Jerry Jones … there’s a new king in the scoreboard world — the Rams and Chargers just officially hung their video beast, AND IT’S 2.2 MILLION POUNDS!!! The L.A. NFL squads made the joint announcement Wednesday … saying their one-of-a-kind jumbotron is now fully functional at the new […]

Love & Hiphop Star Teairra Mari Lost 50 Lbs – She’s No Longer A BBW! (Pics)


Love & Hip Hop star Teairra Mari had blown up in weight, to over 200 pounds. But MTO News has confirmed that the reality star has dieted, and now she looks better than ever. To give you an idea of where she was just a few years ago. Her are some pictures of the VH1 […]

39 Yr Old Jessica Simpson Loses 100 Lbs; Her Face Now ‘Wrinkled’!! (Pics)


Jessica Simpson lost 100lbs after giving birth to her third child in 2019. And yesterday she showed off her new body, and her new face. Jessica took the opportunity to flaunt her new trim figure on Friday as she celebrated the ‘final days’ of her 30s. The 39-year-old singer stunned in a photo posted to […]

Lil Wayne’s New GF Weighs 260 Lbs; Even Bigger Than His Plus Sized Ex!! (Pics)


Rapper Lil Wayne likes thick women – that’s clear. His current girlfriend Denise Bidot, is a 260 pound plus sized model. Li Wayne made news last year when he got engaged to a different plus sized model, 200 pound LaTecia Thomas. Here are some pics of Weezy’s ex Latecia: But the two split a few […]

Demi Lovato Gained 30 lbs During Quarantine – Is She Thick Or Fat??


Pop superstar Demi Lovato reportedly gained about 50 pounds during the Covid 19 quarantine. And she stepped out fo the first time in months yesterday, to show off her new thick body. While most of Demi’s fans liked her new “thick” look, others on Twitter began body shaming the pop star, calling her “fat.” To […]

Beyonce Reportedly Gains 55 lbs – Now Over 200 Pounds!! (Pics)

This is a dramatized photo of what a heavier Beyonce may look like

MTO News is hearing reports that Beyonce Knowles Carter has let herself go during the nationwide quarantine. We spoke with one Hollywood insider who told us that Beyonce has put on a “good amount” of weight recently. This is a dramatized photo of what a heavier Beyonce may look like During the quarantine, people all […]

Lizzo Gains 40 Lbs During Quarantine & Celebrates Gain By Twerking!


Pop singer Lizzo has been doing a lot of sitting around, and eating during the current Covid-19 quarantine. And MTO News has learned that as a result, the singer has gained a reported 40 lbs. Before the quarantine, Lizzo – who stands at 5’10” tall weighed about 260 pounds, according to online reports. Now, she’s […]

Amber Rose Unable To Lose Baby Weight – Blew Up To Over 200 Lbs!! (Shock Pics)


Social media model Amber Rose used to have one of the best bodies in the world. But ever since having her second baby, more than 6 months ago – the bald headed beauty has been struggling with her weight. And now, MTO News is hearing rumors that Amber has “blown up” to more than 200 […]

Black Panther Chadwick Boseman Massive Weight Loss – Weighs 130 LBS!!


Black Panther actor Chadwick Boseman lost a massive amount of weight in recent months, MTO News has learned. Some estimate that the Marvel actor may have lost as much as 50 pounds, and is now just 130 pounds. Chadwick showed his new gaunt face and body on IG Live yesterday, see above video: In the […]

Tyra Banks Body Shamed After Gaining 50 Lbs – Explains What She Eats!

Tyra Banks has been body shamed all over social media in the past month or so, because of her recent weight gain, MTO News has learned. Tyra, who was once a supermodel is believed to have put on was much as 50 lbs and now she’s getting close to BBW size. And people are body […]