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Beenie Man Blasts Billboard For Leaving Him & Bounty Killer Off Cover

Beenie Man took to social media to call out Billboard after they left him off the cover of ‘The Verzuz Effect.’ Anyone who actually followed the Verzuz battle knows that the Beenie Verzuz Bounty Killer battle is pivotal in redefining the viewing experience. The pair were the first to battle face to face — the […]

Alleged Husband Killer Carole Baskin Calls Out Cardi B & Megan Thee Stallion’s ‘WAP’ Video

Carole Baskin, the big cat owner who allegedly killed her sex husband, Don Lewis, before feeding him to his own animals, slammed Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s video “WAP” for glamorizing have tigers as pets. “My guess is that most people won’t even see the Photoshopped cats in the scenes because the rest of […]

Killer Heroin Hits Louisville – Dozens Overdose On A City Block! (Graphic Video)

A new batch of killer heroin hit the streets of Louisville this weekend. And MTO News learned that it could be coming to a city near you very soon. Here is the video – warning very graphic LINK TO THE VIDEO The batch is so strong, that it can make an entire neighborhood of drug […]

Jeff Lowe Beefing With PETA Over Joe Exotic Tiger Killer Costume

Breaking News Jeff Lowe is pissed off at PETA over a Joe Exotic Halloween costume … and the animal rights organization is taking some major swipes back as their beef heats up!!! Here’s the deal … PETA is hawking a “Joe Exotic Tiger Killer Costume” for $159.99 … but Jeff isn’t laughing at the funny […]

Man Shoots Transgender 10 Times; T-Girl Planned To ‘Expose’ Killer To His GF!


22 year old Merci Richey – a Β transgender woman – was shot 10 times an killed. Now Dallas police tell MTO News that Merci was killed because the t-girl planned on “exposing” her former lover to his girlfriend. And Merci had video evidence showing their “entanglements.” Police arrested Angelo Walker, from Dallas, and charged him […]

Rapper Pop Smoke’s ‘Killer’ Goes On Instagram Live From His JAIL CELL! (WTF)


Police arrested 5 people yesterday, in connection with the death of rapper Pop Smoke, And one of the men that police say was involved in Pop Smoke’s killing, decided to Livestream from jail. One of the men, associated with the Hoover Crips went on IG Live, and Livestreamed his arrest. Here is the video: And […]

Jay Cutler’s Chicken Serial Killer Revealed, Damn Raccoon!

Breaking News The Jay Cutler Chicken Serial Killer Mystery of 2020 is officially SOLVED … with the ex-NFL QB catching a beastly raccoon in the act!!! As we previously reported … Cutler had been dealing with an unknown menace that was ripping the heads off his beloved birds … and he devoted his retirement life […]

Golden State Killer Suspect Pleading Guilty to 13 Murders

The man known as the Golden State Killer will finally admit to the horrific crimes he committed in the ’70s and ’80s … including 13 first-degree murder charges he’s facing. Joseph James DeAngelo Jr. is appearing in a makeshift courtroom Monday — onstage in a ballroom at Cal State Sacramento — where he will plead […]

Jay Cutler Whips Out Night Vision Goggles To Protect Chickens From Killer

Play video content Breaking News Someone or someTHING keeps murdering Jay Cutler‘s beloved chickens … and the ex-NFL QB is so fed up, he’s pulling out the big guns — AND the night vision goggles — to stop the culprit. The retired Chicago Bears star went public with his troubles on Instagram earlier this week […]

Band Behind Joe Exotic’s Music Set to Release New ‘Killer Carole’ Song

Exclusive The band that provided the magic for Joe Exotic‘s unique set of songs on ‘Tiger King’ has good news for everyone itching for more of their good musical vibes. Vince Johnson of The Vince Johnson Band — who made up one half of the music duo who wrote and performed Joe’s tracks featured on […]