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Man Jumps in Zoo Bear Enclosure, Tries Drowning Animal

Play video content @wnukers/@BasedPoland A man who was allegedly drunk broke into a bear exhibit at a zoo in Poland and tried to drown the massive beast in front of tons of horrified onlookers … and it’s all on video. The wild scene went down at the Warsaw Zoo, where a 23-year-old man was filmed […]

Dog Jumps Out Of Window On Video, Walks Off Unscathed

Play video content @hayliediazz It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s Superman … no it’s a FLYING DOG jumping from a window and sticking the landing like a straight-up boss!!! Check out this AMAZING video of a crazy athletic pooch bounding through a window and landing several feet down on the grass below … and […]

Rich the Kid Jumps on Lambo During Video Shoot

Play video content Exclusive TMZ.com Rich the Kid did some damage in the hood this week … The rapper was shooting a music video on Long Island and wanted to film with 4 Lamborghini’s in the background. A woman named Irina Pichkhadze brought 2 Lambos she owned to the shoot. Rich rented a third Lambo […]

BlocBoy JB Jumps Off Balcony Into Pool, Nearly Misses

Play video content BlocBoy JB is lucky to be alive after a stunt that came incredibly close to disaster — he jumped from a balcony into a pool … but nearly smashed into concrete. Video of the rapper surfaced this week, showing him leap from what appears to be a second-story balcony at an apartment […]

Man Jumps in Lion Enclosure, Stares it Down and Somehow Survives

Play video content MEGA The man in this video is NOT the lion king, but for a few intense, near-death moments … he thought he was while sitting nose-to-nose with the big cat in its zoo enclosure. This insanity went down Thursday at a zoo in Delhi, India where a 28-year-old man hopped a fence […]

Actor Who Once Allegedly Choked Paris Jackson Jumps to His Death

Paris Jackson Actor Who Allegedly Choked Her … Jumps to His Death 5/14/2019 12:14 PM PDT The actor who allegedly choked Paris Jackson and accused Seth Green of pedophilia jumped off a bridge in Arizona and died. The Arizona Department of Public Safety has confirmed Isaac Kappy is the guy who jumped to his death […]