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Jimmy Kimmel Helps Jennifer Aniston Surprise Nurse Who Tested Positive for Coronavirus

Jennifer Aniston and Jimmy Kimmel certainly brought a little cheer into the day of a nurse who’s been furloughed temporarily after testing positive for the coronavirus — and a lot of support. Kimmel spoke to the young mother, who’s having to endure quarantine as she processes through her symptoms isolated from friends and family, including […]

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez Squeeze in Gym Workout Before FL Lockdown

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez just beat the buzzer … squeezing in one final gym workout before Florida goes on lockdown, and using their pull to make it happen. The engaged duo slipped out of a gym Wednesday afternoon in Miami after getting what we imagine to be some very exclusive access. Florida had already […]

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez’s Couples Challenge Video

PALM SPRINGS, CALIFORNIA - JANUARY 02: Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez arrive at the 2020 Annual Palm Springs International Film Festival Film Awards Gala on January 02, 2020 in Palm Springs, California. (Photo by Jerod Harris/FilmMagic)

You may see “couple challenges” floating around Instagram Stories and TikTok lately, and now Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez are getting in on the fun. On Tuesday, the power couple went head-to-head for a video on Alex’s social media accounts where they tested their relationship knowledge: Who initiated the first kiss? Who is more stubborn? […]

Jennifer Lopez Hairstyles: 13 of Her Most Iconic Looks

jennifer lopez bob

From Jenny from the Block to A-list movie star, Jennifer Lopez has come a long way since the ’90s. We stan both J.Lo’s, of course. So much so, that we decided to take a trip back and look at Lopez’s hairstyles from that iconic time until today. The triple-threat follows trends to a point, including […]

Jennifer Lopez’s Ex-Boyfriend and High School Sweetheart, David Cruz, Dead at 51

Exclusive Jennifer Lopez‘s ex-boyfriend — who she dated for nearly a decade — has died … TMZ has learned. J Lo’s high school sweetheart, David Cruz, died Saturday in Mount Sinai West Hospital in Manhattan … this according to the NYC Medical Examiner’s Office. We’re told David died of heart disease — no other info […]

‘Poor Jennifer’ Work from Home Video Conference Bathroom Break Goes Viral

You never know what’s going to go viral and sometimes you never know that you’re going to go viral. It’s almost never a good thing when one of the non-famous folks of the world do it, and that proved especially true for “Poor Jennifer,” who achieved viral sensation on Sunday for one seriously embarrassing fail. […]

Jennifer Garner Says She’s Worried About Parents During Lockdown

Jennifer Garner expressed her concern for her parents during the coronavirus pandemic on Thursday night. During her interview with Jimmy Fallon for “The Tonight Show: At-Home Edition,” she spoke about her frustration with her mom and dad — Patricia and William — who haven’t quite grasped the importance of social distancing. “The hard thing are […]

Jennifer Lopez’s Cute Athleisure Outfit Is the Ultimate WFH Look

Scroll To See More Images In these uncertain times, there’s one person on whom we can always rely for a smile (or, in this case, work from home outfit inspiration): the one, the only Jennifer Lopez. The singer and actress knows just how to brighten any day with her positive attitude, dance moves andΒ lewksβ€”and Jennifer […]

Harvey Weinstein Allegedly Said Jennifer Aniston ‘Should Be Killed!!’

Disgraced Hollywood exec Harvey Weinstein reportedly said that he wanted Jennifer Aniston to be killed. β€œJen Aniston should be killed,” Weinstein wrote in an email on Oct. 31, 2017, in response to a reporter seeking comment about an untrue allegation that Weinstein had groped Aniston per Variety. The outlet reports that the National Enquirer reached […]