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The Walmart George Jeans TikTok Trend Is Actually So Creative

STYLECASTER | TikTok Walmart George Jeans Trend

Though I would definitely consider myself a creative person (You should see all the crafting supplies I manage to store under my bed.), the Walmart George Jeans trend on TikTok has made me realize I need to step up my DIY game. Plenty of dances and activities go viral on TikTok, sure, but the latest […]

Anthropolgie’s Pants & Jeans Sale: Get 40% Off The Cutest Picks Now

Scroll To See More Images Start blasting the air conditioning, folks, because Anthropologie’s pants and jeans sale is too good to pass up right now. Though the temperatures might be getting hotter as we speak, and you’d likely rather wear shorts or a mini dress outside than anything else, Anthropologie is blessing us all with […]

How to Look Good in Jeans: 11 Tips For Finding Flattering Denim

Scroll To See More Images No matter how many pairs of jeans I have in my closet, I always feel like I’m on the hunt for “the perfect pair.” Perfect jeans are the White Whale of the fashion world, I swear! And I know I’m not the only one struggling, as I get questions about […]

The Best Bootcut Jeans That You Can Buy on Amazon

NYDJ Women's Barbara Boot-Cut Jeans

Bootcut jeans are a bit of a throwback, as skinny jeans and high-waisted “mom” jeans reign. Don’t discount bootcut jeans though. Bootcut jeans are form-fitting through the butt, hips and thighs, accenting your curves, and then they flare out slightly around your knee through the bottom of the jeans. Unlike the flower power bell bottoms, […]

How To Dress Up Jeans: 11 Ways To Make Your Denim Stand Out


Jeans are arguably the most versatile and long-lasting item in any wardrobe. They come in myriad different hues, shapes, sizes, styles.—You name it. And while it’s easy to pair your favorite denim with a graphic tee for a casual look, figuring out how to dress up jeans to make them perfect for any occasion takes a […]

The Best Skinny Jeans that You Can Buy on Amazon

Levi Strauss & Co. Gold Label Women

You would think that there’s nothing worse than buying skinny jeans. Frustrating and downright depressing, trying on jeans at a store is one of the least fun shopping experiences. But there is something worse: Buying skinny jeans online. Sometimes, you just can’t get to a store or would rather deal with the disheartening try-on process […]

The Best Places To Buy Jeans Online: Find Your New Favorite Jeans


I can quite literally always justify buying more denim. Every time I feel like I’ve found the perfect pair, another catches my eye, convincing me to expand my collection again and again. That said, I’ve been shopping the same old staples for some time now, so I was curious to find out the best place […]

Emma Roberts Loops K-Beauty Mask Looks So Cute With Cropped Jeans

emma roberts loops mask

I don’t know about you but when I do a face mask at home, I’m usually wearing a hoodie, leggings and slippers. Or maybe a robe. But when Emma Roberts tries a Loop mask, she looks chic as hell doing it. The actress posted a photo to her Instagram Stories late last month wearing a […]

How To Style Cropped Jeans: 19 Cute Looks To Copy ASAP

Scroll To See More Images When it’s too hot for long, tight jeans but I’m not in the mood for full-on shorts, cropped jeans are my ol’ reliable, my trusty happy medium. While they used to baffle me, once I realized how to style cropped jeans I became totally and utterly obsessed, and I now own […]