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Jay Leno Pulls Off Side of Road to Help Owner of 1953 Mercedes-Benz

Exclusive Details If you’re ever stranded along the side of the road in L.A. … don’t be surprised if you see Jay Leno pull up and ask you to pop the hood so he can get a good look at what’s up. That’s exactly what happened Sunday to luxury real estate agent Dwayne Henry of […]

Producer Sean Garrett: The Dream Has Been ‘S**king Jay Z’s D**k’!!

Jay Z and Beyonce are going viral today, after legendary Atlanta producer Sean Garrett blasted his former friend The Dream – and said that The Dream is “s**cking on their d**k.” (see the video above) Sean Garrett and The Dream were preparing to have an Instagram DJ battle last night – and the two started […]

Jay Electronica Responds To Peter Rosenberg’s Remarks On ‘Synagogue Of Satan’ Line

Peter Rosenberg found himself on the wrong side of Jay Electronica’s wrath over the weekend, when he hopped on Twitter to white about a line from the rapper’s debut album. “My feet might fail me, my heart might ail me/The synagogues of Satan might accuse or jail me,” Jay raps on “Ghost Of Soulja Slim.” […]

Joe Budden: ‘Jay Electronica Got Smacked Around By Jay-Z On His Album!!’

Friday was the release of Jay Electronica’s debut album, A Written Testimony, but not everyone appeared to be a fan of the album — especially not Joe Budden, who insists that Jay-Z killed him on every song. Listeners of the album will know that Jay-Z is on every track on the album, and the whole […]

New Pics Of Blu Cantrell – The Woman Jay Z Really Wanted Before Beyonce!!


We think of Jay Z and Beyonce as hip hop’s perfect couple. But would you believe that Beyonce wasn’t Jay Z’s first choice? Back in the year 2000, the β€œBig Pimpin’” hit-maker was dating Grammy-nominated R&B singer Blu Cantrell . Cantrell is best remembered for her 2001 pop smash β€œHit β€˜Em Up Style (Oops!).” The […]

The Original Lyrics To ‘Ether’ Leal – Nas Diss Track Towards Jay Z!!

Nas created one of the most legendary diss tracks in hip hop history, when he dropped Ether on his 2001 album Stillmatic. Ether was a response to Jay-Z’s “Takeover”, a diss track directed towards Nas and Prodigy. And Nas was utterly ruthless in Ether. He dragged Jay Z’s name all the way through the mud. […]

Blues’ Jay Bouwmeester Undergoes Successful Surgery After Cardiac Episode

Breaking News Getty NHL star Jay Bouwmeester underwent surgery after he frighteningly collapsed mid-game this week … but Blues officials say it was successful and the D-man is doing better. As we previously reported … Jay passed out on the Blues’ bench during the first period of St. Louis’ game against the Anaheim Ducks on […]

Jay Z Reportedly Releasing A New ALBUM!! (New Details)

Jay Z may be releasing a new album – and very soon. His good friend Emory Jones tweeted out a tease, which suggests that Jay and his team are working on a new album, and that it’s almost ready to be released. Emory went on IG last night and posted a pic of weed, champagne, […]

Azealia Banks Uses Voodoo – Predicts Beyonce & Jay Z Divorce!!


Female rapper, and admitted voodoo priestess, Azealia Banks has come out with a few predictions that she claims will take place over the next few years. Some of her predictions are uncontroversial, while others are explosive. One prediction that has people talking, is about Princess Meghan Markle. According to Azealia, Meghan will be killed in […]