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Wedding Gift Ideas 2020: 19 Thoughtful Items Any Couple Will Love

Scroll To See More Images Whether you’re the bride’s second cousin twice removed, a family friend of the groom’s mom or someone who’s known the engaged couple for 10 years, figuring out exactly what gift to give newlyweds can be a challenge. Frankly, gift-giving is an art, and if the couple hasn’t registered for much […]


cozy items wearing on repeat

Despite largely staying indoors, I have been trying my best to continue getting dressed up each day. For me it boosts my mood, makes me feel more creative, and keeps me more motivated to tackle the day. Does that mean that every day during quarantine I’ve put on real clothes, done my hair and make […]

Nordstrom Plus-Size Sale April 2020: 13 Items to Shop Now


While almost all retailers have temporarily closed their brick and mortar stores, you can still find everything you could possibly want—and more—online. Yes, budgets are are already pretty tight for many of us, but if you’ve got some extra cash to spend, it’s probably going toward clothing you’ll want to wear as soon as social […]

Cover Roots at Home: 5 Ways To Conceal Roots With Household Items

Scroll To See More Images Right now, the centimeters of new growth that reveal your natural hair color may be the very last thing on your mind. If that’s you, I’m enviable of your moral fortitude and ability to shelve vanity in trying times. However, many of us opting to self-quarantine and eschew hair coloring […]

Starbucks Ditches Reusable Cups, Communal Items in Wake of Coronavirus

Exclusive TMZ.com Starbucks customers are being tasked with a tall order — to leave their reusable cups at home to help stem the spread of the coronavirus. There are stores all over that have posted signs telling customers it has temporarily paused the use of reusable cups. The store added, “In addition to sanitizing procedures […]

18 Items To Shop This International Women’s Day

Scroll To See More Images With International Women’s Day 2020 just around the corner, there has literally never been a better time to go shopping. I’m serious! Tons of incredible brands have created special tees, products, and more to commemorate what I’d argue is the most important holiday of the year, and many are donating a portion […]

Kobe Bryant Memorial Items Pulled From eBay, Against Policy

Exclusive Getty People looking to make a buck off items from the Kobe Bryant memorial will have to go somewhere other than eBay … ’cause the company is actively working to remove all the items from the site. As we previously reported … shirts, pins, programs and other items from Monday’s event at Staples Center […]

What to Buy at Zara for the Ultimate Trendy Wardrobe: 25 Items to Shop

Scroll To See More Images Many avid shoppers prize the investment items that take months to save up for and that you’ll likely hang onto for years to come. But when it comes to trending pieces, most people aren’t too crazy about the idea of splurging on them—since, in reality, it’s totally possible you’ll be […]

Anthropologie Black Friday Sale 2019: 23 Swoon-Worthy Items to Shop

Scroll To See More Images Hear that noise? It’s the sound of me emptying my wallet and handing it all over to the 2019 Anthropologie Black Friday sale. I’m always looking for an excuse to purchase things I’ve been eyeing for a while, and Black Friday sales are the best time to not only gift […]

ASOS Black Friday 2019 Deals: 34 Chic Items to Score on Sale

Scroll To See More Images For most of the year, our wardrobes and our budgets are pitted against each other. We can have a stunning closet or a healthy bank account—striving for both is asking for too much. But during ASOS’ 2019 Black Friday sale, the two are no longer mutually exclusive. You can have […]