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Forever 21 Black Friday 2019 Sale: 43 Trendy Items to Snag

Scroll To See More Images There’s never really a wrong time to shop Forever 21, but there is a definitive right time to do so: during the 2019 Forever 21 Black Friday sale. Sure, the brand offers incredible deals on cute pieces all year long. But those discounts get even deeper during the Black Friday sale. And […]

Best New Zara Items Fall 2019: The SRPLS Drop Has Perfect Fall Staples

Scroll To See More Images I know there are much healthier coping mechanisms than retail therapy, but Zara’s new collection just dropped, it’s a dreary day out and I have little self control. So don’t mind me if I reach for my credit card, because momma needs some new sweaters and, like, maybe a coupla’ […]

Zara’s Best New Items This Week (September 24, 2019)

Scroll To See More Images Given my current bank statement, I certainly have no business shopping right now. And yet, here I am, just scrolling through Zara’s latest drop and adding styles to my virtual shopping cart as if I know no fear, as if my credit card statement knows no bounds. You see, the […]

Best New Zara Items to Shop 2019

Scroll To See More Images Land of the cheap thrills, home of the financially brave—Zara is the place to be if you want a little retail pick-me-up or, you know, grand ole shopping spree. They just make it so easy! Oh, those affordable prices! Those impossibly on-trend styles! Plus, pages on pages on pages of […]

The Zodiac Signs As Abandoned Items in Your Amazon Cart

Scroll To See More Images Listen, you can tell a lot about a person by looking at their online shopping carts—their hopes and dreams, their deep-rooted family issues, how they feel about gingham. All the good shit, really. And because no one has tried to stop me, I’m going to tell you what each zodiac […]

Target Deal Days Sale 2019 | 29 Home Decor Items You Need in Your Life

Scroll To See More Images OK, guys, I’m moving apartment in a couple weeks, so my brain has been truly in home decor mode and home decor mode only. All I can think about is how to spruce up my new abode without breaking the bank, and I have just hit the freakin’ jackpot. Target’s “Deal […]

Target Deal Days Sale 2019 | 26 Clothing Items Worth Snagging, ASAP

Scroll To See More Images We all know Mondays are typically the worst day of the week, but not today, baby. There are too many incredible Internet sales happening right now to even care that it’s the beginning of the work week. Of course, included in this Monday madness is the impeccable Target “Deal Days” […]


The Nordstrom anniversary sale has started and I am highlighting the 5 items I am bought this year. I ordered them yesterday, but I won’t be getting them until next week, so I will keep you updated on what I decide to keep and what I return. The sale is open to cardholders and top […]

27 Forever 21 Sale Items You Can Get for an Extra 50% Off Right Now

Scroll To See More Images It seems like everywhere I look, there’s another summer sale coming out of the woodworks. I’m definitely not complaining, but with deals on deals on deals popping up, it can be difficult to figure out which sales are really worth it. Typically, I like to use my “sales cash” (Doesn’t everyone […]

Best 4th of July Fashion Sales – 21 Must-Have Items We’re Shopping

Scroll To See More Images Aside from the fact that it’s the 4th of July today (happy Independence Day, BTW!), it’s also officially summer, which, however ironically means that e-tailers and fashion labels are already trying to clear our their warm-weather inventory to make room for fall styles to fill the racks and offer you […]