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Lily James and Himesh Patel Yesterday Video Interview

Can you imagine waking up in a world where The Beatles, Coca-Cola, and Harry Potter no longer exist?! That, my friends, is not a world I would like to live in. But that’s exactly what happens in Danny Boyle’s new film Yesterday, when wannabe rock star Jack Malik (Himesh Patel) wakes up after a biking […]

‘Oh My Messy Mind’ Inspirations & More — Interview – Hollywood Life

James Bay’s EP ‘Oh My Messy Mind’ continues his trend of relaying his own anxiety & fears in a way fans can fully relate to. He speaks to HL about tapping into that vulnerable space. One of the most emotionally-charged songs of the decade, “Let It Go” by James Bay was just a snippet of […]

Interview Shines Light On Acting Coach – Hollywood Life

Master Maggie

What’s it like to work with the greatest acting teacher in  America? That’s the premise behind a compelling, funny and surprising new 22 minute film, Master Maggie by hot director, Matthew Bonifacio. Famed actors Robert De Niro, Marlon Brando, Elizabeth Taylor, Martin Sheen and Harvey Keitel, all worked with one of the world’s most renowned […]

Halsey Talks Rehab & Getting Sober In New Interview – Hollywood Life


In the five years since Halsey became famous, she did two stints in rehab without the public ever knowing. Now, she’s made the conscious decision to give up drugs and hard alcohol. Halsey, 24,has been open about her struggle with drugs in the years before she became a public figure, but what fans don’t know […]

NBA Draft Interview — I’m The ‘Most Competitive’ Player – Hollywood Life

Coby White JCPenney

Former North Carolina Tar Heels guard, Coby White tells HollywoodLife that his ‘fire’ and ‘will to win’ is unmatched among his fellow NBA draftees. Alec Jacoby “Coby” White believes in himself. Most, if not all athletes would say that’s half the battle when declaring for the NBA Draft. Think about it, there’s only a couple […]

Exclusive Interview – Hollywood Life

Justin Mikita Jesse Tyler Ferguson

The iconic sitcom ‘Modern Family’ will be ending after season 11. HL spoke EXCLUSIVELY with star Jesse Tyler Ferguson about the ‘bittersweet’ finale season and his new tie collection in honor of Pride month. Modern Family is preparing for its swan song. The hit ABC comedy will be coming to an end after 11 seasons. […]

How It Works — Interview – Hollywood Life

The Sculpt Society is one of the best new ways to trim down and ton up! Founder Megan Roup reveals why this celeb-approved workout, works! When you’re crouched at your desk for hours and at the end of the day lack the energy to even get yourself to the gym, you need a Megan Roup […]

Shalim Ortiz Spills Mateo Scoop — Interview – Hollywood Life

Shalim Ortiz

‘Grand Hotel’ is making its big debut on June 17. HL talked EXCLUSIVELY with star Shalim Ortiz, who plays Mateo, about what to expect from his ‘delicious’ character. Plus, he teases ‘heavy secrets’ within the hotel. Grand Hotel is about to be your new favorite summer show. The drama series, premiering June 17 at 10 […]

Trump Demands Restart on Interview After Guy Coughs While He’s Talking

President Trump Guy Coughs in Middle of Interview … Nooope, Run it Back!!! 6/16/2019 5:51 PM PDT President Trump doesn’t like having his train of thought interrupted, which he made very clear Sunday by demanding a redo when somebody coughed in the middle of his interview. 45 was chatting it up with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos […]

Jennifer Lawrence Catt Sadler Interview About Cooke Maroney

Jennifer Lawrence keeps her relationship with Cooke Maroney pretty private, but she recently opened up about her fiancé in the sweetest way. In an interview with Catt Sadler for an episode of the former E! News host’s new podcast, Naked With Catt Sadler, the two had an intimate conversation about what’s been going on in […]