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Gay Fashion Icons: 17 Queer Legends Who Serve Major Style Inspiration

Scroll To See More Images The decline of societal gender norms when it comes to fashion has been a long time coming—and we’re still not all the way there. The progress we have made in embracing personal style regardless of identity has definitely been thanks to gay and queer fashion icons who have pushed—and continue […]

Is ‘Hollywood’ Netflix Based on a True Story? Real People Inspiration


Warning: Spoilers ahead for Netflix’s Hollywood season 1. Those who have watched Ryan Murphy’s new Netflix show, Hollywood, may be curious to know how much of it is fiction and how much of if it is fact about Los Angeles’ real history. Is Hollywood on Netflix based on a true story? Well, the answer is complicated. […]

Is ‘Normal People’ Hulu Based on a True Story? Book Inspiration

Normal People

Warning: Spoilers ahead for Hulu’s Normal People season 1. Most of those who have seen Hulu’s new romantic drama, Normal People, know that it’s based on Sally Rooney’s 2018 book of the same title. But could the book and Hulu’s Normal People be based on a true story about an IRL couple whose relationship is as […]

Celebrity Street Style at Sundance 2020: All the Outfit Inspiration

Scroll To See More Images Although we all may be wishing for the sun to come and warm our weary bones, it doesn’t look like the weather is going to be heating up any time soon. So, if you’ve been itching for some winter outfit inspiration, look no further than the Sundance 2020 celebrity street […]

65 Strong Women Quotes We Love


When you think of a strong woman, who do you think of? For us, the first person who comes to mind is probably Beyoncé. Her music is everywhere, and more importantly than that, she’s a loud advocate for women’s empowerment. But just because Beyoncé is the most prominent example doesn’t mean there aren’t countless other women […]

‘Hustlers’ Inspiration Rosie Keo Rips Strip Club For Stiffing Dancers

Play video content Exclusive TMZ.com “Hustlers” is making bank at the box office, but the real-life stripper behind Constance Wu‘s character is slamming strip club owners for shorting dancers during movie filming. Rosie Keo, the stripper-turned-madam Constance plays in the flick, tells TMZ … Show Palace in New York’s Long Island City should have demanded […]

‘Hustlers’ Inspiration Samantha Barbash Threatens Lawsuit

Exclusive TMZ/Annapurna Pictures The real-life stripper who inspired Jennifer Lopez‘s character in “Hustlers” wants the studio to ante up some serious cash … or else. Samantha Barbash‘s legal team just fired off a letter to STX Entertainment — the studio behind the hit film — demanding it pay up for its use of Barbash’s likeness, […]

‘Hustlers’ Inspiration Samantha Barbash Rips Jennifer Lopez

Play video content Exclusive TMZ.com Box office numbers be damned, Jennifer Lopez failed in her “Hustlers” role because she didn’t do her homework … at least according to the real-life stripper who inspired J Lo’s character. We got Samantha Barbash in NYC Tuesday and she went nuclear about the deal that was NOT made before […]

‘RHONJ’ Star Jennifer Aydin’s Weight Loss Inspiration Revealed – Hollywood Life

Jennifer Aydin may have a new smaller waistline, but she promised to still bring the drama on the upcoming season of ‘RHONJ’, when she opened up exclusively about her incredible transformation. Things will be a little lighter on the forthcoming season of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, but it won’t be the drama! Instead, […]

Interview Shares Inspiration For TV Show – Hollywood Life

If you haven’t discovered the mystery drama ‘Sacred Lies’ on Facebook about an enigmatic wild- haired teen girl, then get ready to get addicted. Creator Raelle Tucker tells HollywoodLife what inspired her and what Season 2 will focus on. A teenage girl is found on a dark isolated road outside the Lolo National Forest in […]