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Florida Prison Inmate Allegedly Beaten to Death by Guard

A prison inmate in Central Florida was allegedly beaten to death by a corrections officer as other guards watched. 51-year-old Christopher Howell died last week while serving a 4-year sentence at the Lake Correctional Institution near Orlando after a 2018 conviction for stealing some phone chargers and threatening people with a knife. According to reports […]

Prison Inmate Becomes TikTok Star – Creates A Jailhouse Cooking Channel!!

Jeron Combs, a 21 year old inmate inside a California jail has done the unthinkable – he’s become a HUGE TikTok star. SEE VIDEO ABOVE Jeron, who goes by the name BlockBoyJMomey on TikTok, currently has 111.5K followers and 1.1M likes. That’s pretty good, especially since he started his channel WHILE HE WAS INCARCERATED. Jeron […]

Prison Inmate Posts Vid, Says COVID-19 is Killing His Cellmate

Play video content There’s a federal prison preparing for mass coronavirus casualties … at least according to an inmate who risked posting video from his cell to expose how the virus is wreaking havoc on in the inside. The inmate never identifies himself, but said he was using a contraband burner phone to go on […]

Inmates Sneak Heroin Into Prison – Then Overdose On IG LIVE!!

Three California inmates reportedly suffered from drug overdoses, and it was all captured on video, MTO News has learned. Here’s the video – warning contains very GRAPHIC scenes The three overdoses occurred after one inmate managed to smuggle a large amount of heroin into the prison. And the inmates went crazy consuming all the drugs. […]

Inmates From LA County Jail Post TikTok Dance & Go Viral!!

Apparently, the social media app TikTok isn’t just for kids. Yesterday MTO News learned that a group of grown men, currently locked up in the Los Angeles County Jail – posted a TikTok video, showing them doing the Baby Come Give Me Something dance. Here is the video showing the inmates dancing Yes, you read […]

Inmates Escape Washington Jail During Coronavirus Chaos!! (Shock Video)


There was a daring jail escape on Monday night, in the State of Washington. The inmates broke out of jail as corrections officers were distracted by the coronavirus. Five inmates are still on the loose, and at least a dozen escaped from a county jail in Washington state on Monday night, officials said. “ALERT! Several […]

NYC Inmate Steals Walkie Talkie From CO – Fills Airwaves w/ ‘Gangster Rap’

An inmate in New York’s infamous Riker’s Island stole a corrections officers’s walkie talkie yesterday, and started rapping over the airwaves – for all officers to hear. MTO News has confirmed that the incident occurred last week, at the dangerous New York jail. Here is the video – warning contains vulgar language According to local […]

Kim Kardashian Championed Inmate Rodney Reed Denied Death Row Appeal by Supreme Court

Rodney Reed’s appeal against his death sentence will not be heard by the Supreme Court. Justice Sonia Sotomayor announced on Monday she was denying his petition for a review of his murder case; however she did not “close the door” on future appeals pending upcoming hearings in the lower courts. The now 51-year-old Reed has […]

Inmates Livestream Themselves Assaulting A Convicted Rapist!! (Graphic)

A man recently convicted of raping a 16 year old girl – was brutally beaten inside a British prison. And the inmates livestreamed his beating over social media. Here is the GRAPHIC video of his beating. Three north London men – Roberto French, 22; Abdisalam Mohamad, 21, and Hilal Mohamed, 22 – were convicted on […]

Mississippi Inmate Stabbed & Livestreamed On Instagram! (Where Are The COs?)

The conditions inside Mississippi’s prisons continue to deteriorate. Yesterday an inmate was stabbed multiple times, and his fellow prisoners Livestreamed the stabbing on IG. Here is the graphic video – warning contains violence This incident, which happened over the weekend, is the latest incident of violence in Mississippi prisons – which are insufficiently staffed with […]