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Grandpa Builds Grandson Homemade Quarantine Roller Coaster

Play video content With a little bit of elbow grease and ingenuity, this grandpa has figured out how to help his grandson cope with quarantine boredom … a homemade, backyard roller coaster!!! This guy’s gotta be a contender for Gramps Of The Year … building his grandkid a super sweet roller coaster with his own […]

7-Eleven Owner Sold Homemade Hand Sanitizer That Burned 4 Children: Police

The owner of a New Jersey 7-Eleven was arrested on Tuesday for allegedly making and selling homemade hand sanitizers which ended up burning four children, according to authorities. Manisha Bharade, 47, was charged with endangering the welfare of a child and deceptive business practices after she reportedly mixed a commercial cleanser with water and repackaged […]

Coronavirus Panic Causes Vodka Run For Homemade Sanitizer

Exclusive TMZ/Getty Composite The run on toilet paper and wet wipes has nothing on seriously hard alcohol — ’cause people fearing a full coronavirus outbreak are snatching up vodka to cook up their own sanitizer. Everclear, the potent 190-proof vodka college kiddos traditionally use for Jell-O shots, is in crazy demand now that enterprising DIYers […]