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Pamela Anderson & Jon Peters’ Split Is Getting Ugly β€” What He’s Claiming!


Earlier this month, actress Pamela Anderson, 52, and producer Jon Peters, 74, called it quits after only 12 days of marriage. At the time, Anderson announced their separation to The Hollywood Reporter. In her statement, she said, “I have been moved by the warm reception to Jon and my union. We would be very grateful […]

Nick Cannon Talks Eminem’s Infamous Black Women Diss: ‘He’s Not Sorry For His Institutional Racism!!’

Nick Cannon has addressed Eminem’s controversial unreleased track from back in 1988, where he dissed Black women, sharing why he would never date one. “Blacks and whites they sometimes mix/But black girls only want your money ’cause they’re dumb chicks/Don’t date a black girl/If you do it once you won’t do it twice/Black girls are […]

Brett Favre Says He Sees No Decline In Tom Brady, He’s As Good As Ever!

Play video content Exclusive TMZSports.com “His game is as good as it’s ever been.” That’s Brett Favre saying he hasn’t seen ANY decline in Tom Brady at 42 years old … telling TMZ Sports TB12’s teammates deserve most of the blame for his down year. “I saw a quarterback still able to do what he […]

Oscar Isaac Admits He’s ‘Probably’ Done Playing Poe in ‘Star Wars’

Play video content Exclusive TMZ.com Oscar Isaac is damn near closing the door on that galaxy far, far away — strongly hinting he’ll never play Poe Dameron again … Disney “overlords” be damned. The ‘Star Wars’ actor was outside The Mercer in NYC when he told us he’s “probably not” going to return to his […]

Bernie Madoff Says He’s Dying and Deserves Release from Prison

Breaking News Getty Bernie Madoff, of all people, is begging a judge for mercy … because he says he’ll be dead next year, and wants to live out his final days outside his prison walls. In docs filed Wednesday, Madoff reveals he has terminal kidney failure and the clock’s ticking. He says doctors have given […]

Pete Buttigieg Iowa Caucus-Goer Finds Out He’s Gay, Wants Vote Back

TMZ.com Pete Buttigieg seemed to lose at least one supporter during this week’s caucusing in Iowa, and it’s all because the woman found he was gay AFTER she cast her vote. Check out this video from Monday night when a caucus-goer from the city of Cresco in Howard County learns Mayor Pete is, in fact, […]

Dez Bryant Says He’s ‘For Damn Sure’ Returning To NFL, Cowboys Are 1st Choice!

Play video content Exclusive TMZSports.com “For damn sure I’m getting back on that field!” Dez Bryant is GUARANTEEING he ain’t done in the NFL yet … telling TMZ Sports he’s working like a mad man to return to the league next season. … and the former All-Pro wide receiver says a reunion with his ex-Dallas […]

Jay-Z Re-Defends NFL Partnership, Says He’s Not Betraying Kaepernick

TMZ.com Jay-Z is once again explaining why his partnership with the NFL is actually for the same cause Colin Kaepernick fights for … it’s just the approach that’s different. Jigga sat down with the NYT this weekend ahead of Super Bowl LIV and re-defended his collaboration with the league, which many saw as a betrayal […]

Love & Hiphop Kimbella Accused Of Cheating On Juelz While He’s In Jail!!


There’s a bunch of drama popping off on Instagram between Love & Hip Hop star Kimbella, and a popular podcaster Star Brim. Star is a popular New York celebrity insider and podcaster – she’s also Cardi B’s best friend, and the godmother to her daughter Kulture. Star is also making some explosive allegations regarding the […]

Rapper Beanie Sigel Loses 150 Pounds – Now He’s SKINNY!!


Philadelphia rap legend Beanie Sigel was known for being a husky guy. Well the Broad Street Bully is not very husky anymore. MTO News learned that Beanie – who used to be more than 330 pounds has lost 150 pounds. And he now weighs about 180 pounds. Here’s a pic of Beanie – he’s all […]