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NFL’s Thanksgiving Day WAGs, Here’s What We’re Thankful For

Health and wealth are nice … but here’s a few more reasons to be thankful on Turkey Day — the smokin’ hot WAGs from the NFL’s Thanksgiving Day football games!!! Bears vs. Lions! Bills vs. Cowboys! Saints vs. Falcons! There (should be) a ton of action on the field, but the Wives And Girlfriends (WAGs!) […]

Platform Sandals Are Back and Here’s Why You Need a Pair

Fashion Platform Sandals Are Back and Here’s Why You Need a Pair We’re calling it – the “ugly” shoe trend is over. For a change, slip into shoes that have found the sweet spot between comfort and appeal. by Kames Narayanan | November 27, 2019 In the past year, fashion has set foot (ha ha)  […]

Ulta Black Friday Deals 2019: Here’s What to Expect

Scroll To See More Images Black Friday is officially only a couple of weeks away, and while Ulta’s Black Friday deals for 2019 are still under wraps, we’ve gathered some early information to help you prepare your post-Turkey Day shopping spree. Ulta isn’t waiting for November 29 to launch deals on best-selling beauty brands from […]

BTS Is Redefining Masculinity In America & Here’s How They’re Doing It


It’s the day of their comeback special stage performance and the members of BTS skate across the stage as they perform their single “Boy With Luv.” Styled in pink blazers, diamond Chanel earrings and purple hair, the members—Jungkook, V, Jimin, RM, Jin, Suga and J-Hope—are seven of the hottest men in the world, a statement […]

I Bought An American Girl Doll At Age 34 & Here’s Why


Like many ’90s girls with single-parent households and Jewish grandmothers, I wasn’t allowed to have an American Girl doll. The American Girls, if you’re unfamiliar, were a book series and doll collection featuring fictional, young female characters from a variety of eras in American history. The books were written at an elementary reading level, but […]

Smudge-Proof Eye Makeup? No Sweat, Here’s How We Do It.

Beauty Smudge-Proof Eye Makeup? No Sweat, Here’s How We Do It. We sussed out some products – drugstore finds included – that will help us beat the heat, humidity and oily skin to keep our eye makeup in lockdown. by Sherryl Cheong | October 21, 2019 Singapore’s tropical weather truly does our makeup absolutely no […]

Give Up My Cat For A Relationship? Here’s Why I’ll Never Do It


People love to throw me relationship hypotheticals. There’s something about a single woman that others jump to challenge, as if she’s not worthy of her own preferences. It’s another form of blame wielded against single women to demonstrate to them that their own singleness is all their fault because they’ve committed the crime of having […]

Here’s Your Chance to Win Beachwaver Co.’s Brand New Reparative Collection

beachwaver foam Heres Your Chance to Win Beachwaver Co.s Brand New Reparative Collection

Beachwaver Co. is practically synonymous with flawless curls and waves. Its patented tools, including the cult-favorite Beachwaver S1, have practically revolutionized the hair industry since 2010 and become cult favorites used by celebrities, influencers, and, well, me (when my hair is long enough for it.). Anyone who has ever picked up one of the brand’s […]

Rory McIlroy Schools Justin Timberlake, Here’s How Ya Hit a Bunker Shot!

Breaking News Rory McIlroy got sick and tired of watching his Pro-Am partner Justin Timberlake getting stuck in the sand … so he stopped down and gave the pop star one of the coolest personal lessons ever! It all went down this week in Switzerland … where Rory and JT were teamed up to compete […]

Here’s How to Shop Beyoncé’s Iconic ‘The Bey Search’ Collection

Scroll To See More Images You know how when you Google Beyoncé every day (What, just me?!), and all those beautiful images of Bey pop up from throughout the years? It brings a tear to my eye to see the journey of Queen Bey’s career sprawled out before my eyes—and now, it’s been brought from […]