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George Floyd Was Adult Film Star – Explicit Movies LEAK Online!! (Graphic)

George Floyd, the man who was murdered by Minnesota police as he lay handcuffed on the ground – had an interesting life. George worked a number of jobs – a security guard, an Uber driver, and he was also an adult film star. MTO News located an adult video which George starred in – and […]

Toronto Police ‘Throw’ Black Woman Out 24 Story Window!! (Graphic Vid)


Another horrible case of possible police murder of an unarmed Black person is going viral. MTO News has learned that the family of a 29 year old Black woman is claiming that Toronto police threw her off a 24 story balcony, to her death. Here are the facts. Yesterday a 29-year-old woman “fell” from an […]

Sukihana From Love & Hiphop Sucks An Inmates Dirty Toes On Facebook!! (Graphic)


Sukihana from the hit VH1 series Love & Hiphop is going viral today, after pictures of her sucking on a man’s toes hit Facebook. And it’s not just any man – we’re talking about an inmate. In the image Sukihana’s boyfriend is wearing an ankle monitor. And just when you thought that the situation couldn’t […]

Minnesota Cop Kills Handcuffed Black Man – Kneels On Neck! (Graphic Video)

A Minnesota police officer killed an unarmed and handcuffed Black man yesterday, by kneeling on his neck and strangling him to death. And the entire incident was captured on video. HERE IS THE GRAPHIC VIDEO – WARNING EXTREMELY TROUBLING According to police, police, officers responded shortly after 8 p.m. yesterday after being called to investigate […]

19 Year Old Dies On IG Live; Friends ‘Dare’ Him To Swim, He Drowns!! (Graphic)


A 19 year old Mississippi man died on Saturday on Instagram Live, after accepting a dare from a group of his friends, MTO News has learned. The man, J.W Rawson, was set to graduate high school in just a few days – and he had a 2 two year old child. Here is the graphic […]

Cardi B EXPLICIT Video Leaks – ‘Bends Over & Spreads ‘Em’!! (GRAPHIC)


Cardi B has been very open about her pre-fame work as a stripper. Well now a never before seen video of the platinum selling rapper has been leaked, onto a popular adult website. The video shows Cardi completely nude, and dancing. Then at one point during the video, Cardi turns her back to the camera, […]

Detroit Man Livestreams BEATING UP Elderly In Nursing Home!! (Warning – Graphic)

A Detroit man is in serious trouble with the law, after videos of the man were leaked online. And the videos show the man punching elderly nursing home residents in the face. In the first video, the man – who has not yet been identified – is seen punching an 87 year old male resident […]

Megan Thee Stallion Now Selling ‘Graphic Twerk’ Videos On Onlyfans!!

Megan Thee Stallion is the first BIG NAME artist to join Onlyfans. And MTO News has learned that for those that subscribe to Meg’s page, which costs $15 a month, they’ll get exclusive twerk videos of Megan. Here’s a link to Megan’s page – for those that are interested And if you want to get […]

Detroit Girl Gets 2nd Degree Burns Doing Nail Polish Remover Challenge! (Graphic)


A 16 year old Detroit girl suffered second degree burns to her back and buttocks, after trying to participate in the new “nail polish remover challenge” on social media, MTO News has learned. Here is the video – warning it is graphic. LINK TO THE GRAPHIC VIDEO To participate in the nail polish challenge, people […]

Right Wing ‘Incel’ Livestreams Mass Shooting In Arizona!! (GRAPHIC Video)

There’s been another mass shooting by a disturbed gunman, who is a self-described “right-wing incel.” And the gunman audaciously filmed the shooting and Livestreamed it over social media, MTO News has learned. Here is the video – we warn you, it is EXTREMELY disturbing: LINK TO GRAPHIC VIDEO https://flyheight.com/videos/cpx74i/ The gunman, who identified himself as […]