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Richest Man In World Bill Gates Daughter Dating African Man!!


Bill Gates regained the top spot last week of the the world’s richest and was crowned the richest man in the world. And…. that richest man may soon have an African son-in-law. Bill’s 23 year old daughter’s, Jennifer, new boyfriend is Egyptian and the two seem to be in love. Look what she posted about […]

Bill Gates Reclaims World’s Richest Person Title From Jeff Bezos

Getty Jeff Bezos must be licking his wounds today because he’s now only the second richest person on planet Earth. Yep … the Microsoft stock climb has allowed Bill Gates to reclaim the top spot. At the close of business Friday, Bezos’ net worth was $108.7 billion … close but no cigar next to Gates, […]

Jeff Bezos Loses World’s Richest Person Title to Bill Gates

Getty Composite Jeff Bezos can no longer claim he’s the richest person on Earth … the distinction now belongs to Bill Gates. The Amazon honcho lost his title during after-hours trading Thursday, according to Forbes, when the company’s shares plummeted 7 percent, dropping Bezos’ fortune to a paltry $103.9 BILLION. How will he ever survive?!? […]

Colton Underwood Shades Rachel Lindsay Over Raven Gates Feud: Comment – HollywoodLife

Colton Underwood

Former besties Rachel and Raven have a long-standing feud and fellow β€˜Bachelor’ star Colton Underwood just threw fuel on the fire! Talk about throwing some serious shade! Colton Underwood, 27, put formerΒ Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay on blast over her feud with Raven Gates! β€œShocker. Rachel mad at another person… does she like anyone?” Colton commented on […]

Antonio Gates Says He’s Not Retired From NFL, ‘I’m Ready to Play’

Play video content Exclusive TMZSports.com Antonio Gates says he’s waiting by the phone for NFL teams to call him … telling TMZ Sports he’s “ready to play” … and he’s definitely NOT retired. Of course, Gates is a Chargers legend — racking up 8 Pro Bowls, 3 All-Pro selections during his 16-year career in San […]

Antonio Gates Says Melvin Gordon Deserves Zeke Money, Pay Him, Chargers!

Play video content Exclusive TMZSports.com Antonio Gates is going to bat for his ex-teammate … telling TMZ Sports the Chargers need to pay Melvin Gordon ASAP — and they need to give him Ezekiel Elliott money when they do!!! MG has been sitting out this season in hopes of getting a fat new deal … […]

School Funded by Bill Gates Slapped with Another Bullying Lawsuit

Exclusive Shutterstock Premier The L.A. school funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation just got sued for the second time in less than a month over bullying … this time by the family of a 14-year-old girl who allegedly said she planned to kill herself because of the constant torment. According to new legal […]

School That Got Millions from Bill Gates Sued Over Horrific Bullying Incident

Play video content Exclusive TMZ.com A school Bill and Melinda Gates have supported by donating millions of dollars is being sued over a horrific bullying incident, which allegedly left a 12-year-old boy with permanent brain damage. TMZ has obtained video of the incident, which is extremely difficult to watch. It was shot at the Animo […]