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Black Teen Girl Set On Fire By Gang Of White Men In Wisconsin! (Graphic Pics)


Two days ago, a Black teenager in Madison, Wisconsin suffered third-degree burns after she claims that four white men threw lighter fluid and a lighter at her face , MTO News has learned. Althea Bernstein, who is just 18 years old, said the assailants yelled a racial slur at her before the attack. Althea spoke […]

Washington DC Gang Throws Woman In Dumpster – Twitter Is Outraged!

A gang of men in Washington DC was caught on camera tossing a young Black woman into a dumpster. The men live-streamed their attack on social media, and have caused an outrage on Twitter. In the video, which you can see below, a group of men outside the Paradise Apartments in Washington DC throw a […]

NYC Dominicans Apologize For Harassing Blacks Once Gang Members Pull Up (Video)

Yesterday, there were reports that a group of armed vigilantes in the Washington Heights area of New York were chasing and harassing Black people whom they perceived were potential “looters” in their neighborhood. Now MTO News has learned that members of the Dominican-American community in Washington Heights are apologizing to Black people citywide for any […]

Chicago PD Scanner Audio Suggests Cops Let Gang Members Shoot Each Other

Play video content Exclusive A couple of Chicago PD officers allegedly chose to let a gang shootout play out amid the unrest over George Floyd‘s death … at least that’s what it sounds like on the citywide police scanner. As violence and riots continued Monday night in Chicago, word came over the scanner at 9:27 […]

Latin Kings Gang Helps Police Control Looting – Leader KILLED In Chicago! (Pics)


A Leader of the Latin Kings gang was shot and killed last night, after the gang made the unprecedented pivot, and began helping the police control looters. Here are photos of the Latin King leader, who was shot in a drive-by. Witnesses at the scene say that the shooters were African American males, who appeared […]

Ex-Inmate David Jassy Says ‘Mixtape’ United San Quentin Rival Gang Members

Play video content Exclusive TMZ.com Music producer David Jassy says a magical thing happened while producing a mixtape inside San Quentin State Prison — rival gang members found common ground in their love for music. The award-winning producer, and ex-inmate at San Quentin, joined us Friday on “TMZ Live” to download us on his groundbreaking […]

North Carolina Rapper Tells NYC Gang Members To ‘Kill’ Tekashi 6ix9ine’s Kids!! (Watch)

Tekashi 6ix9ine’s family is in a world of trouble, if we believe what on eNorth Carolina rapper is saying. MTO News learned that yesterday popular North Carolina Rapper Lil Murden offered instructions to those who is looking for Tekashi 69. The rapper told NYC gang members to “go after his family members.” Watch the frightening […]

Leader Of The ‘Pagans Motorcycle Gang Killed In NYC – Hitmen Used Silencers On Guns!!

The leader of a Bronx motorcycle gang was shot dead Saturday in what is believed to be a targeted hit,MTO News has learned. Authorities say that Francisco Rosado, 51, headed the Bronx chapter of the Pagans Motorcycle Club. According to law enforcement sources, he was gunned down by two masked men on the Bronx in […]

Teen Gang Members ‘Disciplined’ For Attacking Mexican Worker!! (Graphic Video)

Two Los Angeles teenagers, allegedly affiliated with the “Hoover Crips” gang are going viral after senior members of the gang Livestreamed them being “disciplined” for an offensive act.  It all began when two teens live-streamed themselves attacking a Mexican street vendor on social media. Apparently, senior members of Hoover Crips gang saw the video, and […]

Chicago Man SHOT On IG Live After Daring Gang Members To ‘Pull Up’!! (Video)

A Chicago man was shot outside a gas station, after having an argument with rival gang members on social media, MTO News has learned. The man was reportedly shot once in the torso but is expected to fully recover from his injuries. HERE IS THE VIDEO OF THE SHOOTING In the video, the Chicago man […]