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‘Survivor’ Contestants Who Faked ‘Inappropriate Touching’ Story to Benefit Their Games Apologize

The fallout from Wednesday night’s two-hour #MeeToo-tinged episode of “Survivor” continued to resonate so loudly on Thursday that two of the women involved have issued public apologies for taking advantage of real allegations to further their personal games. After the tribal merge, Kellee Kim opened up to Missy Byrd about inappropriate physical contact she’d experienced […]

This Is Us Recap Season 4, Episode 6: Three Golf Games, Two Dates and One Shocking Kiss

“This Is Us” played a little storytelling trickery, utilizing its time-crossed format to manipulative effect to save a big surprise for the final moments of the hour. Along the way, we witness three golf games across time that connected Randall and Jack. Meanwhile, in the present it was date night for both Kate and Kevin, […]

Taylor Swift Staples Center Banner to Be Covered During L.A. Kings Games

Getty Taylor Swift won’t be showing her face banner anymore when the Los Angeles Kings are in town — ’cause the fans don’t wanna see it … and the team is obliging. L.A.’s pro hockey team made the announcement over the weekend … saying that, going forward, the Kings will be covering up Taylor’s banner […]

Drake Letting Sacramento Kings Use His Plane for Games in India

TMZ/Getty Composite Air Drake is about to see some real-life liftoff from the public, ’cause the Sacramento Kings are gonna be using Drizzy’s jumbo jet this week for a long trip to India. The Kings announced some last-minute flight arrangements this weekend, saying owner Vivek Ranadive — who’s Indian-American — got in touch with Drake’s […]

Ninja Says Video Games Will Be an Olympic Sport, ‘It’s a Matter of Time’

Play video content Exclusive TMZSports.com There’s a ton of money in Esports … and there could be GOLD in video games soon too … ’cause Fortnite superstar Ninja says gaming WILL be in the Olympics — it’s just a matter of time. Of course, Esports is bigger than ever — the prize pool for the […]

Yankees’ Ron Guidry Blasts MLB Games, They’re Too Long

Play video content Exclusive TMZSports.com “You know what’s going to happen in the 9th inning, but it takes five hours to get there!” Yankees legend Ron Guidry clearly dislikes watching the MLB these days … telling TMZ Sports games just take too damn long to finish!! We got the ex-pitcher out in NYC when he […]

Ninja Fires Back At Donald Trump, Video Games Ain’t Causing Gun Violence

Play video content Exclusive TMZSports.com “Come on, man.” Ninja seems straight-up annoyed that Donald Trump would even hint video games are the problem when it comes to gun violence in America … telling TMZ Sports that’s just a ridiculous claim. “Violence, it’s not video games,” the Fortnite legend says … “It’s just how it is, […]

Jalen Ramsey Says He Used To DM Opponents’ GFs Before College Games

Play video content Bussin’ With The Boys Jacksonville Jaguars cornerback Jalen Ramsey had the most millennial way of messing with opponents back at Florida State … he’d make WRs think he was trying to bang their GFs. “Say I was playing a big receiver at whatever school, I would look up his Instagram and slide […]

Donald Trump Partly Blames Video Games for Mass Shootings

Play video content Breaking News Donald Trump believes video games are partly to blame for the mass shootings in America — claiming the “glorification of violence” is desensitizing potential real-life killers. POTUS just delivered a speech from the White House in the wake of 2 mass shootings over the weekend in Ohio and Texas … […]

Ex-Olympian Amy Van Dyken Crushes CrossFit Wheelchair Games, 2nd Place!

Play video content Exclusive TMZSports.com USA Olympic legend Amy Van Dyken has a new sport — she’s a wheelchair crosFfit athlete — and she just came in 2nd place in the inaugural WheelWOD Open!!! Amy racked up SIX gold medals during her incredible swimming career — scoring 4 medals at the 1996 Games and 2 […]