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Terry Crews Apologizes To Gabrielle Union — Again!!

Terry Crews has apologized to Gabrielle Union once again after she called him out for his lack of support during her troubles with America’s Got Talent. “People hit me [up] all day long and are like, ‘What’s happening,’” she said during a recent interview. “And the only thing I know for sure is that Terry […]

Gabrielle Union Wears Thong On IG; 47 Yr Old ‘Twerks’ As She Walks! (Graphic)

Gabrielle Union stunned her Instagram followers yesterday, when she attended the annual GLAAD Awards. MTO News confirmed that even though the Award show was virtual, Gabby and DWyane got dressed up for the event. And Gabby’s outfit was extremely risquΓ©. Here’s Gabby’s outfit from the front: If you think that’s risquΓ© – check it out […]

Gabrielle Industry On Industry Reform: You Can’t Put A Band-Aid On A Gunshot

Hollywood actress Gabrielle Union has spoken out about much-needed reform in the entertainment industry — and she thinks that the industry just needs to start again from scratch. “We have been so committed as an industry — I mean, and every industry is facing the same thing — with going along to get along, trying […]

NBC: Gabrielle Union Lied About Being Racially Discriminated Against!!


Last year actress Gabrielle Union filed a grievance against NBC Universal’s hit show America’s Got Talent, accused her America’s Got Talent co-host Simon Cowell and the show’s producers of sexism and racial discrimination after her contract was not renewed for a second season. As MTO News reported at the time, Gabrielle’s African American co-host Terry […]

Cold Blooded Gabrielle Union: She Said THIS To Dwyane Wade’s Wife!!


Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade are now happily married. But Gabby and Dwyane meet while Dwyane was still married. And depending on who you ask, some suspect that the NBA ballers “side” relationship with Gabrielle may have helped to end his first marriage. Dwyane and his ex-wife Siovaughn Wade were married from 2001-2010 and share […]

Gabrielle Union Describes Old Self As A ‘Thot’ – Rapper Maino Suggests They Dated!!

Gabrielle Union claims that before she settled down with her current husband Dwyane Wade, she was a “thot.” Shortly after Gabrielle made those comments about herself (listen to video above), rapper Maino posted a pic of the two holding hands. Look at Maino’s pic: This image is going viral, particularly after Gabrielle’s revelation during an […]

Gabrielle Union Once Told Steph & Ayesha Curry to Break Up & ‘Have Sex with Other People!!’

Actress Gabrielle Union issued Ayesha and husband Steph Curry after she admits that she once advised them to break up and to “have sex with other people.” “I apologize on behalf of the Wade family,” Dwyane Wade told the Curry’s on Instagram Live. “I was like, ‘You guys, the likelihood of this working out is […]

Siovaughn Wade Releases New Podcast Appears To Call Zion/Zaya Her ‘Son’!!

Dwyane Wade has been all over the media in recent days, talking about his transgender daughter Zaya, who used to go by the name Zion. According to Dwyane Wade and Zion/Zaya’s step-mother Gabrielle Union, 12 year old Zion/Zaya is their daughter, and is a female. Zion/Zaya’s mother has not given any statement as to her […]

Dwyane Wade Recalls Time He Told Gabrielle Union He Was Expecting A Child With Another Woman!!

Dwyane Wade opened up about letting his wife, Hollywood actress, Gabrielle Union know he had welcomed another child with Basketball Wives star, Aja Metoyerin, in 2013. “I had a child with someone else, and I had to tell her. Hardest thing I’ve ever had to do is man up and tell Gabrielle Union that I’ve […]

Terry Crews Claps Back At Gabrielle Union:Β  ‘There’s Only One Woman On Earth I Have To Please, Her Name Is Rebecca’

Terry Crews was rightfully called out by Gabrielle Union after her America’s Got Talent firing – but it seems that Crews is not ready to concede, and once again, threw a little shade Union’s way. After Crews shared that AGT was one of the best experiences of his life and denied seeing and issues of […]