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Fyre Festival’s Andy King Partners with Evian Water in Honor of His ‘Team Spirit’

Fyre Festival’s Andy King is having another moment in the spotlight. King shot to fame last year when Netflix released the documentary “Fyre: The Greatest Party that Never Happened” in which the event producer admitted he was “fully prepared” to perform oral sex on a Bahamian customs official in order to release Evian water for […]

Ja Rule Unloads on Andy King, Kardashians In Fyre Fest Rap

Ja Rule is telling his side of the Fyre Fest story, via song. The rapper, who infamously became the celebrity face of the doomed music festival, released a new track “For Your Real Entertainment” (F.Y.R.E.) over the weekend. “For your real entertainment, I’m ’bout to tell you how that shit went down from the horse’s […]

Kanye West and Sunday Service Didn’t Charge $55 for ‘Fyre Fest’ Brunch

Exclusive TMZ.com Kanye West and his Sunday Service team were wrongly accused of charging $55 for a lousy brunch plate … and now the catering company behind it is taking responsibility. Kanye and crew performed in Baton Rouge Friday night at the annual “Brunchella” fundraising event at Bethany Church. Guests were charged $55 per plate […]

Ja Rule: ‘I Never Watched The Fyre Festival Documentaries!!’

Ja Rule is claiming that he never watched the documentaries, which took a behind the scenes look at the disastrous Fyre Festival. Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, Rule spoke about the lessons that he had learned from the bombed event – which allegedly fleeced investors of tens of millions of dollars. Both Hulu and Netflix created […]

Ja Rule’s Motion to Dismiss Fyre Fest Fraud Suit Falls Short

Exclusive TMZ Ja Rule remains on the hook for allegedly defrauding thousands of Fyre Fest ticket buyers after shooting his shot with the judge … and coming up short. Ja had filed a motion to dismiss the class action lawsuit filed by Fyre ticketholders and attendees in which they claim he lied through his teeth […]

Was Madeleine McCann a Victim of Sex Trafficking?

It will soon be the twelfth anniversary of the disappearance of 3-year-old Madeleine McCann, who has become one of the most famous missing persons of all time. The British toddler vanished from the Praia da Luz resort in Portugal, where her family was vacationing, in May 2007, sparking an international search that led to 8,000 […]