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Buffalo Police Lt. Calls Woman Filming Him ‘F***ing C***’

Play video content Ruweyda Ahmed Salim / Facebook The Buffalo Police Department once again is in the news and, once again, for all the wrong reasons … after a lieutenant called a woman filming him a “disrespectful little f***ing c***.” The incident unfolded Sunday at a 7-Eleven parking lot in Buffalo … whereas many as […]

‘F—ing Sick and Tired of the Photoshop’

“I’m putting this out there on Instagram. Declaring that I have cellulite, and a stomach that doesn’t always look ‘pleasant’…and I am 100% imperfect human.” Sailor Brinkley Cook just took control of her body image in a big way. The 21-year-old model took to Instagram this weekend to open up about and put a stop […]

Ronda Rousey Shuts Down WWE Full-Time Return, ‘F***ing Ungrateful Fans’

Breaking News Ronda Rousey is slamming the door shut on a full-time return to WWE — saying she refuses to dedicate her whole life for some “f*cking ungrateful” fans. DAAAAAAAAMN RONDA!!! Ronda hasn’t been in the squared circle since WrestleMania 35 back in 2019 — and many people were wondering if she’s EVER coming back? […]

Michael Rapaport Angry PSA, ‘Get Your F***ing Kids Inside!’

Play video content Breaking News Michael Rapaport’s had it up to here politely trying to ask the youth — and their parents — to stay indoors … he’s demanding it now, and with some cuss words to spare. The actor and sports fanatic hopped online Tuesday with a VERY blunt PSA … except, it ain’t […]

Harvey Weinstein Confronted by Woman Calling Him ‘F***ing Rapist’

Play video content Exclusive Zoe Stuckless Harvey Weinstein got an earful from a woman who railed on him during an event Wednesday night before being escorted out. Weinstein was at the Downtime Bar in the Lower East Side for an event called Actors Hour, which employs artists to “create an open space for creatives to […]