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John Singleton Will Be Honored in ‘Snowfall’ Season 3 Finale in Major Way

John Singleton ‘Snowfall’ Finale Delivers Tribute … His Baby Boy Makes Acting Debut!!! 6/5/2019 12:50 AM PDT EXCLUSIVE John Singleton will get a fitting tribute on his last big project … and it was no small feat to pull it off. “Snowfall” — the FX series Singleton co-created that chronicles L.A.’s crack epidemic in the […]

‘Game Of Thrones’ Finale: Bran’s Fate A Joke

thrones game of thrones bran stark tree Issac Hempstead Wright Was Convinced Brans Fate On Game of Thrones Was A Joke

We’re going full-out with spoilers, so if you haven’t watched the series finale, don’t keep reading! Issac Hempstead-Wright starred as the Three-Eyed Raven on GoT. He was convinced Bran’s Game of Thrones finale fate was a joke. LOL. Same. But here’s why….when he received the script, he was initially convinced the writers must be pulling […]

“Game of Thrones” Cast: Finale Reactions

Scroll To See More Images You might still be in disbelief over the Game of Thrones series finale, but no one was more distressed than the cast. The Game of Thrones cast finale reactions should have told us everything we needed to know about how the series was going to end. Throughout their entire press […]

‘Game of Thrones’ Finale: Water Bottle Mistake

daenerys got dragon hbo Game of Thrones Fans Spotted Water Bottles in the Series Finale & The Memes Are Gold

Well, it’s come and gone. The series finale of HBO’s hit show, Game of Thrones, aired last night to a mix of emotions and opinions. But one thing everyone can agree on? This water-bottle-gate is not OK. Fans are roasting the Game of Thrones finale water bottle mistakes. Guys—come on! There was a Starbucks cup in […]

‘Game of Thrones’ Leaves Water Bottle in Series Finale Scene with Samwell

‘Game of Thrones’ H2O No!!! Another Ep, Another Epic Blunder 5/20/2019 6:28 AM PDT First, it was a disposable coffee cup, then a regenerated hand … and now a plastic water bottle has “Game of Thrones” fans fuddled over what the hell’s going on in Westeros. The massively popular HBO series came to an end […]

‘Game of Thrones’ Finale: Meaning

kit harington emilia clarke game of thrones The Game Of Thrones Series Finale Was Always Going to Lead Us Here

Game of Thrones has just said goodbye forever, and while many fans are disappointed by the outcome–the Game of Thrones finale meaning is as clear as day if you think about it. Despite everything that has happened throughout the past eight seasons on Game of Thrones–the show has really come full circle, and this was […]

Who Wins The Iron Throne? — Bran Rules In ‘Game Of Thrones’ Finale – Hollywood Life

Bran Stark

‘Game of Thrones’ has been centered around the Iron Throne since the very beginning. So, who wins the Iron Throne by the end of the ‘Game of Thrones’ series finale? SPOILERS! While Daenerys was on the Iron Throne at the beginning of the Game of Thrones series finale, she wasn’t the one ruling Westeros in […]

Sophie Turner React: Game Of Thrones Series Finale

sansa got season 7 e1553269719581 Were Not Going to Like How Things Turn Out For Sansa On Game of Thrones

The Lady of Winterfell is a legend. Sansa Stark has had one of the most glorious transformations on Game of Thrones and she honestly deserves all the things. Sadly, Sophie Turner’s Game of Thrones series finale reaction has us spiraling into despair. As far as we know–after dragging Daenerys Targaryen for being so pressed about […]

‘Game of Thrones’: Series Finale Spoilers

game of thrones the bells Um, Were Pretty Sure We Know How Game Of Thrones Will End —Spoilers

A thousand theories and prophecies are floating around, so we thought we’d wade through it all for you and just deliver some Game of Thrones series finale spoilers. After watching “The Bells” with our mouths hanging open, we’re not sure if David Benioff and D.B. Weiss are just being cruel, or if they really wanted […]

‘Game of Thrones’: Jamie Lannister Finale Theory

sansa theon jump got For Some Reason Game of Thrones Fans Think Jamie Is Still Alive... Um, Sure

We lost a lot of good people in last week’s episode of Game of Thrones. We also lost some not-so-good people. *Spoilers ahead.* Dany went full Mad Queen in the fifth and second-to-last episode of GOT. Now fans are convinced that this Game of Thrones finale theory that says Jamie Lannister is still alive will come […]