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Kehlani Sued For Allegedly Damaging Ferrari Rental

Exclusive Kehlani rented a Ferrari and then smashed up the expensive sports car before returning it … this according to a new lawsuit. The singer is being sued by a luxury rental car company that claims she rented a Ferrari back in April, and said it was for personal use only — but the company […]

Lil Yachty Hydroplanes On Atlanta Highway & Crashes Ferrari!!

Lil Yachty reportedly got into a shocking car wreck in Atlanta after his car spun out in the rain on Georgia State Route 400 Monday. TMZ got their hands on the pics, which show that the rapper smashed into a barrier along the shoulder. Sources tell them that there was a lot of standing water […]

Lil Yachty Crashes His Ferrari on Atlanta Freeway After Hydroplaning

Exclusive Lil Yachty got into a scary car wreck in Atlanta after his car and Mother Nature clashed … which left his sweet ride totaled, but he’s gonna be okay. The rapper was driving on Georgia State Route 400 Monday during some nasty rain and spun out, smashing into a barrier along the shoulder. Our […]

Lisa Vanderpump’s Restaurant Rammed By Ferrari, Smashes Through Patio

Exclusive Details TMZ.com 2:38 PM PT — We’re being told by law enforcement officials familiar with the investigation that the accident doesn’t appear to have damaged the structure of the building — the wreck just tore through Lisa’s restaurant patio. Cops also say drugs and booze don’t appear to be a factor here. 2:28 PM […]

Noah Jupe’s Contracts for ‘Honey Boy’ and ‘Ford v Ferrari’ Differ Greatly

Exclusive Getty Christmas might come early for the kid who plays the young version of Shia Labeouf in “Honey Boy” … if he lands some major award nominations, and he’s already got the buzz. Noah Jupe — the 14-year-old costar of the film based on Shia’s life — didn’t get paid much for working on […]

Offset Pulled Over for Speeding in Superfast Ferrari

Exclusive TMZ.com Offset plus a new bright red Ferrari on the streets of L.A. has to add up to a run-in with cops and a big fat ticket, right? Well, that equation is half right. Law enforcement sources tell TMZ the Migos rapper was pulled over Monday in WeHo by sheriff’s deputies after they stopped […]

Gucci Mane’s Ferrari Was Towed by CVS, Club Denies Responsibility

Exclusive Getty Gucci Mane‘s convinced the nightclub where he performed screwed him over and indirectly got his supercar towed, but the club’s calling BS … and laying the blame squarely on a drug store. A rep for Mr Jones Miami — the club where Gucci performed last week — tells TMZ the rapper’s sadly mistaken […]

Gucci Mane Rants After His Ferrari Gets Towed from Miami Club

Play video content Exclusive SWNS Gucci Mane had a terrible night at the club — he walked out to find his Ferrari missing from the parking lot, but eventually found it … in a tow yard!!! Here’s the deal … the Atlanta rapper was partying at Mr. Jones in Miami Beach when he parked his […]

Errol Spence ‘Seriously Injured’ In Ferrari Crash In Dallas

Play video content Breaking News Credit KDFW Fox 4 Boxing superstar Errol Spence — one of the top pound-for-pound fighters in the world — was “seriously injured” when he crashed his white Ferrari in Dallas early Thursday morning. The 29-year-old was driving on Riverfront Blvd. around 3 AM at a high rate of speed, according […]

Jason Pierre-Paul Wrecked Car Was $350k Ferrari, Officials Blamed Weather

Jason Pierre-Paul Wrecked Car Was $350k Ferrari … Officials Blamed Weather 5/9/2019 6:04 AM PDT Breaking News Jason Pierre-Paul was behind the wheel of $350,000 Ferrari when he crashed into a concrete barrier on May 2 … this according to the crash report obtained by TMZ Sports.  The Florida Highway Patrol states JPP was driving […]