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‘Mrs. America’ Hulu Review: Why One Feminist Hated Watching the TV Show

Mrs. America

When I found out FX created a TV series for Hulu about America’s 1970s movement to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment, I squealed with excitement in a way that’s both endearingly genuine and painfully nerdy at the same time. As a feminist writer and activist, I’ve idolized second-wave feminists like Gloria Steinem, and now Hollywood […]

‘Dead to Me’ Season 2 Review: The Feminist Rise of Women Who Commit Crimes

Dead to Me

If we had the crime-fighting trio of Charlie’s Angels before, we have the crime-committing Jen and Judy of Dead to Me now—and they aren’t alone. Their felonies (manslaughter and murder, to name a few) place them among the ranks of Orange Is the New Black, Why Women Kill and Good Girls. There’s a slew of […]

Feminist & Body-Positive Jewelry | StyleCaster

Scroll To See More Images Our political climate is, perhaps, at one of its most regressive moments in decades. But our social climate isn’t. From the initial Women’s March to the Me Too movement, feminism looms large—with many women feeling more emboldened than ever to fight on behalf of financial parity, equitable treatment and gender […]