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Billie Eilish Files Restraining Order Against Obsessed Fan, Has Coronavirus Fears

Exclusive Billie Eilish is scared for herself and her family because an obsessed fan keeps showing up at her home this week, and he never practiced social distancing and most of the time, never wore a mask. Billie filed legal docs, with the help of the law firm McPherson Ltd, claiming Prenell Rousseau began showing […]

Hunting Increases in U.S. Amid Meat Shortage Fears and More Free Time

Exclusive The broken meat supply chain has most Americans worried, but not hunters who are loading their freezers with game — and it seems a lot more people want to do the same. We did some digging, and in the past couple months, coinciding with the COVID-19 pandemic … several Midwestern and East Coast states, […]

Luenell Lets Daughter Live with Her Again After Coronavirus Fears

Play video content Exclusive TMZ.com Luenell is finally welcoming her daughter back into her home after kicking her out over coronavirus concerns, but there’s a strict new set of ground rules. The comedian and “A Star is Born” actress tells TMZ … her daughter, Da’Nelle Campbell, is living under her roof again, but she’s lost […]

Endangered Gorillas in Africa on Lockdown Over Coronavirus Fears

There’s growing fear endangered mountain gorillas — our closest relatives in he animal kingdom — could contract COVID-19, and it’s triggered a lockdown, of sorts. On the heels of a Bronx Zoo tiger testing positive for the coronavirus — researches in Rwanda, Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo are concerned the great apes in […]

L.A. Pottery Barn Boards Up Its Windows, Fears of Break-Ins & Looting

Exclusive The fear is real near the ritzy Rodeo Drive in L.A. — shops are not only clearing their shelves of high-end merch … they’re also boarding up their stores, as you can see here. Check out these shots TMZ got of the Pottery Barn in Beverly Hills — off of Beverly Dr. and Dayton […]

Governor Andrew Cuomo Says Family Gatherings Soothe Fears

Play video content CNN New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has been a fixture the last 2 weeks — providing a steady flow of scary information to a public hungry for answers — but on Sunday he paused to reflect on things people can do to feel some sense of normalcy. The Gov rhapsodized about his […]

Yung Berg’s Alleged Victim Gets Restraining Order, Fears for Her Life

Exclusive Yung Berg allegedly pistol whipped a woman after having sex with her, and now she’s been granted court-ordered protection from him … TMZ has learned. According to new legal docs … Talia Tilley claims Yung Berg pistol-whipped her face, pointed the gun at her mouth and threatened to kill her … after they had […]

R. Kelly Makes Bid to Get Out of Jail, Fears Contracting Coronavirus

Exclusive R. Kelly‘s latest pitch to be released pending his trial in Illinois federal court centers on his fear — like most Americans – of coming down with COVID-19. The disgraced singer’s filed a motion Thursday in which he refers to coronavirus spreading around the world, and the health risks he believes he’s facing while […]

Bill Cosby Seeks Early Prison Release Over Fears He Will Get Coronavirus

Bill Cosby’s attorneys are working hard to free him from prison over concerns that he could catch coronavirus behind bars. “Nothing has been filed, but we’re exploring all legal actions,” his spokesperson Andrew Wyatt told Deadline. “For the record, Mr. Cosby has not been tested for the virus β€” but is feeling fine β€” other […]

Clare Crawley Reacts to Bachelorette Season Being Postponed Over Coronavirus Fears

Season 16 of “The Bachelorette” may be postponed to COVID-19, but star Clare Crawley seems optimistic she’ll find love again — even if she has to wait a little longer. On Friday, Crawley, who, at 38, is the oldest lead in this show’s history, took to Instagram to react to the news that production on […]