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Trump Muzzles Dr. Fauci and Peddles Unproven Coronavirus Drug

Play video content Fox News Donald Trump just did something jawdropping … he shut down the leading infectious disease specialist in the United States of America — stopped him from exposing a dangerous lie the President had just told. Trump held a coronavirus briefing late Sunday and made a long pitch for people to use […]

Dr. Anthony Fauci Gets Beefed-Up Security After Receiving Threats

Breaking News Dr. Anthony Fauci is getting a beefed-up security detail … because our nation’s top infectious-disease expert is now the target of a growing number of threats. It’s pretty crazy … Dr. Fauci is facing threats to his personal safety and a wave of unwanted communications from fanatic followers, according to the Washington Post, […]

Dr. Anthony Fauci Says Expect Between 100k and 200k Coronavirus Deaths in U.S.

Play video content Breaking News CNN It was a grim prediction from a man who probably knows more about the coronavirus than just about anyone else — we should expect between 100,000 and 200,000 deaths in the United States from the coronavirus. Dr. Anthony Fauci made his prediction on CNN, saying, “millions” of people in […]

Dr. Anthony Fauci Donuts Selling Like Crazy at New York Bakery

Dr. Anthony Fauci is moving further into the good graces of Americans looking for guidance amid the coronavirus pandemic … his mug is now on a super-popular donut. Here’s the deal … a bakery in upstate New York is selling new donuts with Dr. Fauci’s face on them, and the sweet treats are flying off […]

Steph Curry to Dr. Fauci, When Can We Have Sports Again?!

Play video content Breaking News Steph Curry just stepped up and finally asked Dr. Anthony Fauci the question MILLIONS of Americans want to know — WHEN ARE WE GOING TO GET SPORTS BACK!?!? The NBA superstar connected with the man heading up the White House Coronavirus Task Force for a video chat Thursday to get […]