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Bath Body Works Candles Fall 2019 Is Getting the Season Started Early

bath body works fireside Bath & Body Works Just Dropped More Than 30 Fall Candles

It might be hot and humid where you are but fall is basically just around the corner. There’s nothing like that moment when the leaves start changing and the air feels crisper. It might only be July but you know autumn is close when Bath & Body Works drops its fall candle collection. This year, […]


Okay I promise I am not going to start posting a bunch of fall content in July, but I picked up this Veronica Beard suit and these new Gucci socks and couldn’t help myself #sorrynotsorry. While I am not ready for fall weather there are some prettttyyyy good new fall arrivals. Below I am rounding […]

Pregnant Carly Waddell Wearing Cast After Fall on Stairs


Yikes! Pregnant Carly Waddell took a fall on some stairs. The β€œBachelor in Paradise” star, due in November, documented the scary ordeal on Instagram Stories, telling fans, “Sitting in urgent care because I fell walking up the stairs today. I am pretty sure I broke my finger.” She went on to explain, β€œmy pinky broke […]

Yodeling Kid Mason Ramsey Gears Up for 30-Date Fall Tour

Yodeling Kid No Stagecoach for Me But Ready for My Huge 30-date Fall Tour!!! 4/29/2019 12:50 AM PDT EXCLUSIVE Yodel Kid’s absence at Stagecoach this weekend was a huge bummer … but he’s got a fix to cure your blues … ’cause TMZ’s learned he’s gearing up for a massive fall tour!!!Β  12-year-old Mason Ramsey […]

Sagely Dreamwell Collection Will Help You Fall Asleep Faster

sagely cbd

Even if you love to sleep like I do, it’s not always easy to calm down from a crazy busy day. We know scrolling through Instagram and watching Netflix doesn’t help, but it can be tough to quiet your mind and get into sleep mode. I have a feeling the Sagely Dreamwell Collection just might […]

kissing summer goodbye & welcoming fall inspiration with open arms

Is it wrong to say I’m craving sweater weather? This summer has honestly been one of the best; I’ve never traveled more in my life, I turned 21 which means that all of my wine drinking is finally legal, which also means I’ve also never partied more in my life, made new friends, built amazing […]