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Rapper Bun B Says 2 Houston PD Officers May Face Discipline Over Racist Post

Play video content Exclusive TMZ.com Bun B says he’s seeing a lot of people compromise their jobs just to express racism — like the Houston cops now in hot water over a disgustingly racist social media post. The Houston-native rapper hopped on “TMZ Live” Tuesday and said he’s been told by Houston PD brass they’re […]

10 Bridal Face Masks That Make Gorgeous Wedding Day Accessories

Scroll To See More Images While many of us will admit to having planned (or at least thought about) our dream wedding, it’s not too likely that anyone ever envisioned wearing a face mask while walking down the aisle. But, unfortunately, a widely spread virus doesn’t care about your carefully planned garden wedding or the […]

AZ Woman Destroys Target Face Mask Display Wearing ‘$40k Rolex’

Play video content Breaking News An Arizona woman says she was sent by President Trump and a conspiracy theory group to take Target to task for selling face masks … and to flaunt her alleged high-priced watch. The Internet has dubbed this gal here “QAnon Karen” after she filmed herself going into a Scottsdale-area Target […]

Face Mask Chain Trend: How To Style Summer’s Safest Accessory

Scroll To See More Images Is the mask chain the number one most-sought-after accessory of the summer? If not yet, it’s certainly about to be. As stay-at-home orders lift and more and more restaurants and shops allow people to visit, masks are still required, and one fashionista has found a way to make wearing them […]

Miami Cop Violently Strikes Woman in Face At Airport, Relieved Of Duty

Play video content Exclusive Details A Miami-Dade County police officer is on video violently striking a woman in the face at the airport as she approached him during an argument … he’s claiming self-defense, but the brass ain’t buyin’ it. According to the police report … the cop, along with another officer, responded to a […]

Best Stylish Bandana Face Masks on Amazon

Scroll To See More Images Bandanas have been around forever, and when it comes to fashion, they’re one multi-purpose piece that tends to cycle through trends from season to season—and while they may fall out of favor to the masses from time to time, they always come back in some form or another. While the […]

Celebrities Face Masks: Lucy Hale, Kerry Washington and More

ana de armas and ben affleck

We’re more than three months into a global pandemic and for most of the United States, we’ll have to keep up social distancing and mask-wearing for a bit (a lot?) longer. It’s just a part of our lives now. And this goes for celebs, too. Celebrities also wear face masks while out and about picking […]

Trader Joe’s Customer Goes Nuts Over Face Masks

Play video content Exclusive Details @ItsRellzWorld/Twitter A Trader Joe’s was the backdrop for an explosion of anger by a customer who felt it was her right to shop without a face mask. The woman came to the San Fernando Valley store Friday wearing a mask … the manager tells TMZ. At some point, as she […]

39 Yr Old Jessica Simpson Loses 100 Lbs; Her Face Now ‘Wrinkled’!! (Pics)


Jessica Simpson lost 100lbs after giving birth to her third child in 2019. And yesterday she showed off her new body, and her new face. Jessica took the opportunity to flaunt her new trim figure on Friday as she celebrated the ‘final days’ of her 30s. The 39-year-old singer stunned in a photo posted to […]

Face Mask Exempt Cards are Fraudulent, Says U.S. Dept. of Justice

The U.S. Department of Justice is calling out the “Exempt” cards folks claim allow them to get away with not covering their faces in public … because the cards are fraudulent. An alert was issued by the feds Thursday warning of the phony face mask flyers, urging the public to “be aware regarding fraudulent postings, […]