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New ‘Skinny’ Adele Is Aging Badly – Close Up Pics Of The 31 Yr Old’s Face!!


Pop singer Adele was spotted out yesterday, looking slimmer than ever. And while her body looked great, many people on social media are critical of her face. There’s a growing consensus on Twitter and Instagram, that Adele is aging prematurely. The singer, who is just 31 years old, was spotted recently not wearing any makeup […]

Tyler, The Creator Buys Sunglasses Off Woman’s Face

Exclusive TMZ.com Tyler, The Creator is the new owner of a stylish pair of sunglasses … after buying them off a passerby’s face on the streets of the Big Apple. Here’s how the transaction went down … a woman was walking down the block in Chelsea when someone breezed by and yelled, “Your glasses are […]

Cardi B Masks Face With Bling At Offset’s Fashion Show in Paris

Mega Cardi B just showed up to support her hubby for Paris Fashion Week and she’s sure to be the talk of the night … looking sexy in a diamond-studded fit. Cardi’s got her face covered by a blinged-out mask and her boobs out in a see-through dress, an easy to make sure all eyes […]

Cardi B Reportedly Got FACE LIFT Now Looks ‘Unrecognizable’!! (Pics)


Word on the street is that hip hop star Cardi B recently got a facelift. MTO News heard a rumor last week that Cardi B, real name Belcalis Marlenis Almanzar, got plastic surgery on her face. And we’re not talking about a minor nip and tuck either. We’re talking a complete face overhaul. According to […]

How to Use Cleansing Brush Without Irritating Your Face in 2020

Model with Wet Hair

Take a quick spin around the beauty aisle and you’ll notice there is a hell of a lot of cleansing tool options available, whether it’s the more recognizable Clarisonic Brush and Foreo, or lesser-known versions of the same model. Either people are just focused on learning how to use a cleansing brush or beauty brands […]

Best Fast Absorbing Face Oil Products That Won’t Slow Down Your Routine

Scroll To See More Images Change is constant, especially where beauty routines are concerned, but face oil is to skincare what the bob is to hair trends. It will never go out of style or be in short supply. Personally speaking, patting oil into my face ever so gently is the type of self-love I […]

R&B Singer Sza Unveils NEW Face & Body – Surgery Suspected!! (Pics)


R&B singer SZA is no stranger to plastic surgery. She reportedly underwent massive plastic surgery before she even launched her career in music. Prior to launching the career that would cause her to become an international sensation, she had gotten herself full body liposuction, a nose job, and chin implants. In the picture below, fans […]

Elon Musk Dances His Face Off in China for Tesla Factory Opening

Play video content Here’s Elon Musk getting super loose on the floor — not at a nightclub, but for the opening of his new factory in China — and his moves scream … let’s sell some Model 3s, baby!!! The Tesla honcho was in Shanghai Tuesday celebrating the launch of Tesla’s manufacturing plant, and he […]

Botched Preview: Dog Bite Victim Has Pubic Hair Growing Out of Her Face


When she was 9, Crystal Coombs was severely bit in the face by a dog her grandfather was holding. She blacked out, and when she came to, the emergency room doctors told her she needed a skin graft. The plastic surgeons who operated on her chose to use tissue from her groin. What they didn’t […]

Chinese Basketball Coach Smacks Heckler In Face During Game

Play video content Breaking News Zhongze Basketball A Chinese Basketball Association coach slapped the hell out of a heckler during a game Wednesday after the man allegedly screamed at the coach’s wife … and video of the incident is wild. During the Jiangsu Dragons’ tilt with the Liaoning Flying Leopards in Nanjing on New Year’s […]