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Nike Turning Shoe Parts Into Face Shields To Fight Coronavirus

Breaking News When Nike was handed the opportunity to get involved in the country’s fight against coronavirus, there was only one way to respond — just do it. The Swoosh announced its factories are pivoting to make full-face shields and powered air-purifying respirator (PAPR) lenses to help healthcare workers in need. Nike explained it’s repurposing […]

Full Kim Kardashian & Kourtney Fight – Kim Took Hard Blow To Face!!

The new season fo Keeping Up With The Kardashians is good. Last night the well publicized “fight” between sisters Kim and Kourtney Kardashian aired – and MTO News can confirm it was better than expected. (see video above) The second episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians Season 18, which aired Thursday picked up right […]

Man With Coronavirus Spits In Passenger’s Face Before Dropping Dead

Play video content Viral Press A man infected with COVID-19 spit in another man’s face as they waited to board a train in Thailand … and the coronavirus-stricken man soon dropped dead thereafter. Surveillance video shows the disturbing interaction on a train platform in Bangkok … the patient walking up to another man in line […]

Dr. Drew Says Addicts & Alcoholics Face Turbulent Time During Shutdowns

Play video content Exclusive TMZ.com Dr. Drew says the coronavirus pandemic is creating dangerous sink or swim conditions for drug addicts and alcoholics. The danger doesn’t come from the virus itself, instead, Drew tells us it’s the quarantines that have people hooked on booze or substances really going through it right now. He says many […]

Retinol Face Masks to Brighten & Smooth Without Irritation

Global Beauty retinol mask

When it comes to active ingredients that actually deliver visible results, retinoids (including retinol) are the gold standard, approved by most dermatologists and backed by years and convincing clinical research. Retinoidsβ€”chemical compound (derived from Vitamin A) helps accelerate cell turnover to reveal a new layer of younger-looking, brighter skinβ€”offer both anti-aging and anti-acne magical powers, […]

Future Teaming Up with Sewing Org to Donate Face Masks

Alright, it’s time to put the masks back on … so says Future, who’s donating a boatload of custom-sewn masks to medical professionals who desperately need ’em. The rapper’s nonprofit, The FreeWishes Foundation, is teaming up with Atlanta Sewing Style to produce hand-crafted face masks for countless doctors, nurses, scientists and others working in hospitals […]

Director James Gunn Using Toilet Paper with ‘Guardian’ Star’s Face

James Gunn is wiping his butt with Michael Rooker‘s face … literally. The “Guardians of The Galaxy” director says the nationwide scramble for toilet paper due to the coronavirus pandemic has forced him to go deep into his reserve stash … and he’s finally using some custom TP he originally got as a gag gift […]

Kim Kardashian Punched In The Face By Sister Kourtney!! (Shock Video)


A trailer for the new season of E!’s hit reality show Keeping Up with the Kardashians just dropped, and MTO News has learned – this season is explosive.Β  In the trailer, Kim and her sister Kourtney get into a physical fight. And Kourtney can be seen punching her sister Kim in the face. It starts […]

Lizzo Responds To Critics Dragging Her For Wearing Face Mask

Pop singer Lizzo has responded to critics who dragged her for wearing a face mask amid the coronavirus outbreak. The issue of the shortage of medical supplies, including face masks, has been a hot topic in the mainstream news over the past week — but Lizzo wants y’all to fall back and let her do […]

Naked Cowboy Busks on Empty Streets with Face Mask

Mega New York City’s famous half-naked cowboy just got himself some new coverage that is very timely — although his decision to hit the streets really isn’t. The Times Square street performer — who’s well known in the Big Apple and a regular staple for tourists — was seen out Tuesday wearing a face mask […]