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Best Eyeshadow Brushes For Creases to Buy on Amazon

Scroll To See More Images Whether you’re a well-versed pro or a beginner trying to still refine their craft, applying eyeshadow (regardless of the look at hand) takes some practice—even if you’re a bona fide natural. However, aside from watching video tutorials online and plenty of trial-and-error in front of your mirror—along with some guaranteed […]

Best Organic Eyeshadow Amazon With All Clean Ingredients

clove hallow pressed eyeshadow

It used to be that makeup labeled “clean” or “organic” was seen as less effective. Luckily, that’s all changed and we now know you don’t have to sacrifice quality to make organic makeup such as eyeshadow. These shades feature everything you know and love from a shadow: a buttery texture, minimal fallout and tons of […]

Blaqe Cosmetics Blaqe Power Eyeshadow Palette Is Named After Influential Black Women in Beauty

Janelle Commissiong

As we all work to amplify Black voices and share Black-owned brands to support during this time (and always!), one makeup company is taking this mission one step further. The Blaqe Cosmetics Blaqe Power eyeshadow palette is not only from a Black-owned makeup company, but it was also created to honor Black women in the […]

Urban Decay Naked Ultraviolet Eyeshadow Palette Campaign Features Normani

urban decay citizens campaign

A new set of stars has joined Urban Decay’s Global Citizens collective, which means it’s time for a new “Pretty Different” campaign. Normani, G.E.M. and Camila Mendes look incredible modeling the also new Urban Decay Naked Ultraviolet Eyeshadow Palette. The bold purple hues pop against each of their skin tones. According to a press release […]

Best Grey Eyeshadow Amazon for the Perfect Smokey Eye

revlon colorstay

When you’re shopping for eyeshadow, grey probably isn’t the first shade you reach for. It’s a lot more fun to play around with rose and orange hues and maybe even some blues and greens. But grey eyeshadow is actually really handy to have around, especially if you love a smokey eye look. It doesn’t have […]

The Best Eyeshadow Sticks on Amazon

Scroll To See More Images We definitely love conventional eye shadows, whether it be a novelty, a multi-pan palette with every color you could ever imagine or a simple single shadow that’s the perfect, go-to natural for everyday looks. While we love the versatility and unique packaging these products have to offer, unfortunately, many conventional […]

Best Orange Eyeshadow Amazon That’s Chic, Never Clownish


Okay, orange eyeshadow might not be at the top of your “need” list when it comes to makeup but you’ll be surprised at how versatile it is. Aside from the trendy sunset eye look, you can create a pretty diffused eye or go bold and neon or metallic. There are so many options, especially with […]

Best Brown Eyeshadow Amazon to Add to Your Makeup Kit

maybelline new york eyeshadow

Although it’s fun to play with neon eyeliner, glitter shadow and trendy rosy hues, everyone needs a good brown eyeshadow in their beauty kit. It’s your everyday color, when you want to look put together without a lot of effort. Plus, you can smoke it out, add some black eyeliner and white shimmer in the […]

The Best Eyeshadow Sticks to Buy on Amazon

Scroll To See More Images Don’t get us wrong; we love traditional eyeshadows. From multi-pan palettes to single shadows, glitter formulas, and everything in between, but some of these products aren’t very on-the-go or travel-friendly. Not only are powder eyeshadows more susceptible to breaking, but they can also be pretty messy, leaving you with ample […]

Best Black Eyeshadow Amazon for Both Edgy and Everyday Looks

covergirl enhancers shadow

While black eyeshadow might not sound like the most exciting purchase ever, it’s more important than you’d think to have handy. You can create a dozen classic looks with it, including a smokey eye and cat-eye. Yes, one of those is more of an eyeliner look and that’s what makes black eyeshadow so clutch in […]