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The Best Metallic Liquid Eyeliners That You Can Buy on Amazon

Glitter Liquid Eyeliner

When you’re going out for a night out on the town, you need a cat-walk-worthy eyeliner. If you’re going to document every moment of your adventure via Instagram Stories, you might as well go all out, right? A great way to show off your makeup skills and create a jaw-dropping look is with some careful […]

Best Matte Liquid Eyeliners to Buy on Amazon

Milani liquid eyeliner

Even if you consider yourself a bona fide liquid liner pro, let’s face it: it’s not exactly the most foolproof or forgiving beauty product to work with—even when you have the perfect formula and enviably steady hand. Pencil eyeliners are great for rimming the waterline or creating a smokey eye look, but liquid eyeliners are […]

Best Long-Lasting Liquid Eyeliners on Amazon

Stila liquid eyeliner

Whether you’re into a subtle flick (also affectionately referred to as the kitten eye) or tend to opt for a statement-making cat-eye wing if you’ve ever used liquid eyeliner, you know that mastering any of these looks without any mishaps during the application process is a skill that can take years of patience, practice, and […]

The Best Long-Lasting Gel Eyeliners to Buy on Amazon

Scroll To See More Images Unless you’re a bonafide pro (or have years of practice behind your craft), there’s no denying that liquid eyeliners aren’t exactly the most foolproof of eye makeup products to play with. On the other hand, it’s also a major challenge to get the same precision with pencil formulas—even though they’re […]

The Best Brown Eyeliners to Buy on Amazon

Scroll To See More Images When it comes to eyeliner and mascara, black is undoubtedly the hue of choice for most makeup-wearers. However, we’re making the case for the subtle, sultry, and eye-color-enhancing properties of brown eyeliner. Black eyeliner is surely one staple that every beauty kit should have, but for the days and occasions […]

The Best Gel Eyeliners to Buy on Amazon

Scroll To See More Images There’s no denying the inherent hassle that inevitably comes along with liquid eyeliners, but let’s face it—it’s basically impossible to get the same precision and wing with (albeit easier-to-use) pencil liners. The best of worlds fall in the hands of gel eyeliners, which allow you to get the same fine-tuned […]

The Best Liquid Eyeliners to Buy on Amazon

NYX Liquid Liner amazon

Even if you’re naturally blessed with super steady hands and have all of the practice in the world behind your craft, applying liquid eyeliner without messing it up once or twice before getting it right is downright challenging. The fact is, is that creating a look with liquid eyeliner—whether a bold cat eye or a subtle […]

The Best Nude Eyeliners to Buy on Amazon

NYX nude eyeliner

While often overlooked in jam-packed vanity drawers, neutral, nude, and flesh-hued eyeliners are the multitasking beauty products that low-maintenance makeup dreams are made of. Using a stark white liner can be a great way to enhance your eyes, making them look larger and giving your look a slightly modish feel, but it’s more of a […]

The Best White Eyeliners to Fake Bigger Eyes on Amazon

covergirl katy perry white eyeliner

White eyeliner might sound like a bizarre—if not contradictory—beauty product. I mean, the point of eyeliner is to define and dramatize, right? Well, not necessarily. It may sound like a daunting makeup look suited best for the runways and editorial shoots, but once you get the hang of it and see the way it opens […]