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Millie Bobby Brown Wears Extensions After Hair Cut In Another Makeover โ€“ HollywoodLife

Millie Bobby Brown

We canโ€™t keep up with Millie Bobby Brown. The 15-year-old โ€˜Stranger Thingsโ€™ star is rocking longer hair days after removing her extensions, dying her hair blonde and wearing a short โ€˜do. Millie Bobby Brown, 15, is proving to be a hair chameleon. The Stranger Things star has been rocking a series of styles in just […]

I Microwaved My Extensions to See If An Old-School Trick Would Actually Work

microwave curls 3 I Microwaved My Extensions to See If An Old School Trick Would Actually Work

As much as I love having a flawless mane, styling is not my strong point and styling tools are my kryptonite. Iโ€™ve only recently learned how to flatiron my hair to where it looks semi-professional. Curling my hair with any type of hot tool (curling irons, curling wand, etc.) is still something I havenโ€™t mastered […]

Hair Extensions Care & Tips from Priscilla Valles: The Salon at Palms Celebrity Stylist


โ€œWhat is your favorite hair transformation of all time?โ€ I ask Priscilla Valles, personal hair magician to every celebrity you follow on Instagram. โ€œJake Gyllenhaal for โ€˜Prince of Persia,’โ€ she replies. โ€œUsing individual extensions to get a man with short hair to have long hair is amazing.โ€ Iโ€™m surprised, because I had no idea Gyllenhaal […]

Lash Serums are the Secret to Your Longer Lashes Without Extensions

Scroll To See More Images Attention sufferers of thin eyelashes: you can put the false lashes down and give up the hunt for the perfect strengthening and lengthening mascara. Instead, opt for a lash serum to build up your own natural lashes with a more voluminous, healthy look. Just like facial serums work to directly […]

The Hair Extensions Kate Hudson Loves โ€“ Hollywood Life

How do celebs achieve their full, luscious locks? Itโ€™s typically hair extensions & color and extension expert Kacey Welchโ€™s new, celeb-approved method is taking over Hollywood! Extensions have so many pros โ€” like making your hair look fuller and longer โ€” but they can also damage your hair with glue, look super fake and sometimes […]