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Essie Nail Polish Spring 2020 Is the Ultimate Pastel Pick-Me-Up

essie can do attitude

It’s looking like now we’re going to be in quarantine, washing our hands and staying six feet away from others, for…a while. While there are way more important things than our nails, it’s nice to keep them up and keep ourselves busy. Essie’s nail polish collection for Spring 2020 features gorgeous pastel hues that will […]

Essie Originals Remixed Collection Is Here Just in Time for Your At-Home Mani

essie ballet sneakers

  While being stuck at home is pretty uncomfortable even if you’re feeling healthy, it becomes more and more important to social-distance from others while the world deals with Coronavirus disease. That means you might have to do some of your usual beauty treatments at home. No big deal. The Essie Originals Remixed Collection came […]

Essie Expressie Nail Polish Is the Brand’s First New Formula Since 2017

essie expressie air dry

All of us who do our own nails know the struggle of waiting for polish to try. It feels like it takes forever and even when you think it’s good to go, you bump your nails and the polish dents. The worst. Essie Expressie nail polish is hoping to change that. The popular polish brand […]

Essie Winter Nail Polish 2019 Is a Holiday Glitter Bomb for Your Nails

essie winter 2019

It’s starting to get cold in many parts of the country and Essie is here to get us all into the holiday spirit. The Essie winter nail polish collection is a festive upgrade for your current manicure. Each of the six limited-edition shades is full of reflective glitter pearls people will see from across the […]

Essie Mercury In Retrograde 3 Nail Polish Is Here to Add Some Sparkle in Your Life

essie its not you

I live in Los Angeles so I hear a lot about Mercury in retrograde, basically whenever someone is having a bad day or gets the wrong juice order. (I’m sorry, don’t @ me.) Next time I hear about the planets changing, I’m going to recommend they pick up the new Essie Mercury in Retrograde III […]

Essie Fall Nail Polish 2019 Features a Totally New “Velvet” Formula

essie fall 2019

Recently on Twitter, I saw a New York City news account post how many weekends of summer are left until it’s officially fall. The replies to this were savage. It seems people don’t want to be reminded that summer is almost over. Well, I’m sorry in advance but Essie’s Fall 2019 nail polish needs to […]

Essie Summer 2019 Nail Polish Collection Is Inspired By the Great Outdoors

essie sunrush metal

Summer is peak mani-pedi season. It’s the time of year I actually keep up my nails and not let my toenail polish chip for weeks. (Just me?) Luckily, Essie is here with a massive Summer 2019 collection that includes a whopping 21 options for all of us to slay our nails this month. The collection […]

Essie Universe in Reverse Collection Nail Polish Is Out of This World

essie nail polish Consider Mercury in Retrograde Handled With Essie’s New Polish

I live in Los Angeles so the second Mercury is in retrograde, it’s all anyone talks about. Sure, it’s a cliché but some clichés are just that accurate. Now, Essie’s Universe in Reverse collection is here to take over the conversation and satisfy even the ones that fear all those planet changes the most. Last year, […]


Summer brights! Essie never disappoints when it comes to color, but I have to say the summer collection (here) is a color lover’s dream come true. Some seriously bright brights complimented by softer tones- it is every shade you need for the season. Shop the full collection here and shop the shades I am wearing […]

Essie Jonathan Van Ness Pride Nail Polish Is Adorable for Pride

jvn nail art

It’s hard to imagine a time when the Fab Five from Netflix’s Queer Eye weren’t in our lives, even though the show just debuted a little over one year ago. They’re everywhere these days, writing books and opening restaurants and now, jumping into the beauty space. Today, it was announced that the show’s grooming expert […]