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Jeffrey Epstein’s Gruesome Autopsy Photos, More Suicide Questions Raised

Jeffrey Epstein‘s autopsy has revealed how he may have killed himself in his jail cell, as photos show nooses fashioned from orange bedsheets … and the bloody neck wound from where he hanged himself … but some experts think it could have been murder. The photographs were obtained by “60 Minutes” and shown Sunday night […]

Jeffrey Epstein’s Suicide Attempt Surveillance Footage Missing

Breaking News Getty The Jeffrey Epstein story just gets more and more suspicious, because now … surveillance video from his failed suicide attempt has mysteriously vanished. Prosecutors revealed in court Wednesday they could not locate the footage from outside of Epstein’s cell on July 23 — the day of his first reported suicide attempt at […]

Jeffrey Epstein’s Team Not Ruling Out Hanging to Cover-up Murder

Exclusive Getty Jeffrey Epstein‘s team is not satisfied he died as a result of a suicide by hanging — in no small part because 3 fractures in his neck almost never point to suicide — and they are not ruling out the possibility someone strangled him and then put a sheet around his neck to […]

Judge Demands Answers on Jeffrey Epstein’s Suicide Attempt

Getty Jeffrey Epstein‘s death last Saturday has rocked the facility where he hanged himself, but it has also raised the ire of the judge in his criminal case. Federal Judge Richard Berman sent a letter to the warden of the Metropolitan Correctional Center — obtained by TMZ — in which he says … “Thank you […]

Jeffrey Epstein’s Accuser Sues His Estate, Alleged Recruiter

Getty Jeffrey Epstein continues to be dogged by sexual abuse allegations in death — a woman just sued his estate claiming he raped her as a teen … and she appears to have a case thanks to a new state law. 32-year-old Jennifer Araoz just filed suit against Epstein’s estate, as well as one of […]

Jeffrey Epstein’s Death Likely Not Captured by Cameras in Facility

Exclusive Getty Jeffrey Epstein‘s death may never be conclusively determined, because we’re told standard practice in the area where he was detained is that cameras do not point inside cells. Sources familiar with the correctional facility in question tell TMZ, there are cameras in the Special Housing Unit — the SHU — but S.O.P. is […]