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The Ordinary Niod Review: An Editor’s Unfiltered Thoughts

Niod Copper Amino Isolate Lipid 1%

Under normal circumstances, my skin is like Teflon. As long as I stick to a consistent routine and avoid an Oreo diet (Double Stuf for life!) when I’m stressed, breakouts don’t assault my face. However, social distancing is stress-inducing on a whole other level. Now, remembering to do something as simple as put on deodorant […]

Work From Home Outfit Ideas: 7 StyleCaster Editors Share Their Faves

Scroll To See More Images As a former freelance writer, I had the luxury of working from home for almost two straight years, and now that coronavirus concerns have myself and so many others living the WFH live, I decided to tap my stylish co-workers and have them share their top work from home outfit […]

Our Senior Beauty Editor’s Favorite Products From 2019

Scroll To See More Images Since we’re about to bid farewell to 2019 — and wow, an entire decade for that matter — and there’s been no shortage of new beauty drops and discoveries on our end. STYLECASTER’s senior beauty editor, Nikki Brown knows this first hand. To honor the passing of yet another year […]

20 Gifts Our Editors Are Buying for Themselves This Year

Scroll To See More Images Each holiday season brings with it a mixture of excitement and exhaustion. There are few greater joys in life than prioritizing others for a bit. But all that hustling to take full advantage of every available sale and bustling to cross off every name on your list can get draining—not […]

Zara Summer Sale 2019 | Our Fashion Editor’s 11 Must-Have Picks

Scroll To See More Images I don’t want to sound too breathless here, but Zara’s semiannual sale is basically the shopping event of the summer. Because while other retailers engage in seasonal mark-downs, Zara takes the practice to a whole new level. Every single item on the site is listed at a discount, and the […]

Editor’s letter: new vibes. — DearMilano

First of all, I missed you guys so much!!! You have no idea how much I appreciate you guys respecting my quiet times (a.k.a reflecting / growing) I want to start by telling you that 2018 has been a whirlwind for me. Too many ups and downs that sometimes I don’t understand. Sometimes it gets […]