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How to Meal Prep: 7 Easy Ways to Get Started Right Now


If you’ve never meal prepped before, now is your chance, friends. With most of us stuck at home surrounded by snacks and a fridge just a few feet away, keeping an eating schedule is harder than ever. But by learning how to meal prep, you can easily eat healthy—or at least consistently—all week long. After […]

How To Video Chat On Instagram: The App’s New Feature Is Easy To Use


Am I the only one that’s terrified of accidentally ~going live~ on Instagram? An unintentional livestream broadcasted to my (granted, not that many) followers sounds like a perfect nightmare, so when I first learned that Instagram was launching its own Facetime-esque feature, I was skeptical. I wasn’t sure I could master how to video chat […]

10 Easy Cocktail Recipes You Can Make at Home

Scroll To See More Images Although I love trying out new bars and signature cocktails from restaurants, I’ve found that at the end of the day, I’m my own best bartender. I know I’m not technically trained or anything, but most cocktails don’t actually take that much experience—especially if you have the instructions in front of […]

Khloe Kardashian Wanted to ‘Strangle’ Kourtney for Making Breastfeeding Look ‘Easy’

Khloe Kardashian said she became “frustrated” hearing about Kourtney Kardashian’s “beautiful” experience breastfeeding her children, as she found the act to be “torture” for herself. During a video interview for Kourtney’s lifestyle site Poosh, the sisters discussed raising their children during infancy, with Khloe revealing she had a difficult time nourishing daughter True, even though […]

How to Get Tarot Card Instagram Filter: An Easy Guide!

Scroll To See More Images You’re already on Instagram every day; why not make your spiritual practices a part of your daily social media binge? Maybe you’re already halfway there: While plenty of us already head to our favorite astrologer’s page for their sage wisdom, figuring out how to find tarot Instagram filters for our […]

Vodka Cocktail Recipes That Are Way Too Easy to Make

Scroll To See More Images When it comes to satisfying winter cocktails, no base alcohol does it quite like vodka. Need proof? Ask the Russians who live in some of the coldest climates on Earth and have been drinking vodka for centuries. It’s also a pretty tasteless alcohol, making it super easy to add in […]

13 Easy Cheese Ball Recipes for Your Next Party

Scroll To See More Images Confession: I used to be totally against easy cheese ball recipes. I would say, “What’s the big deal? They’re just balls of cheese.” Then I loosened up and realized…they’re balls of cheese! There’s so much to love about balls of cheese! Now, I happily put together at least one easy […]

25 New Year’s Eve Food Ideas That Are Impressive and Easy

Scroll To See More Images I love putting party menus together, but I often have trouble coming up with New Year’s Eve food ideas. See, when I think of New Year’s, I mostly think of drinking (lots of) champagne and forcing myself to stay awake until midnight. (Alcohol makes you sleepy, OK?!) It’s not like […]

15 Easy Wine Cocktails You Can Make With Boxed Wine for the Holidays

Scroll To See More Images If you’ve ever hosted a holiday party, you know that cocktails are a must. Even better, easy wine cocktails you can make in big batches, using boxed wine. You’ll save a lot of time, effort and, not to mention, moolah. And while these drinks may be inexpensive (for booze), they’re […]

Mixing Textures in Fashion: Winter Outfit Ideas That Are Super Easy


Wearing bold colors isn’t the only way to amp up your look. You can make a street style-worthy outfit by mixing textures. It’s an easy and effortless way of spicing up your look without having to sport crazy silhouettes or loud tones—especially if you’re a neutrals gal at heart Minimalists and maximalists alike, this trend […]